Saturday, October 6, 2012

dc birthday

Happy Birthday Stefanie !

our lovely host this week is the birthdaygirl Stefanie,
please take a look at her creative place 
for more birthday fun,

dear Stefanie wishing you a day full of happy things

and a nice weekend to you all


  1. hi renilde, i almost see psychedelia on here too... i love what you've done to the face, makes it quite powerful.
    thanks for your sweet comment. i'm actually looking into that postcard suggestion, just can't decide where to have them printed at a reasonable price and edition. ..

  2. Oh wow Renilde.. you never cease to amaze me..such a phenomenal work..I want that gorgeous little cat..! How I love the wonderful sense of motion and flowing in this piece..and the dusty blue and white dreamy backdrop is a very entrancing and meditative for me! All I can say is totally Fantastical!! Your soul is painted with magic!!♥

  3. really wow! renilde! fantastical and magical!
    have a wonderful weekend ♥

  4. coming over from stefanie's blog. the artwork is indeed so magical. her little lips blowing the candles are simply adorable.

  5. Hi Renilde! Your artwork is very good.
    do you painted a Stefanie's portrait? I see her bangs :)))))))))))

  6. Oh. I realize that you too are using bangs!
    Also WONDERFUL!!! :)))))
    have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!

  7. Muffin on head!
    One eyed,
    dear Renilde,
    is it a hint to birthdaygirl Stefanie?
    I wonder how you can illustrate the billows of smoke from the candles, wow, great drawing!


  8. Oh my gosh Renilde this painting is a powerhouse of wonderfulness. I have to make it big on my screen to study it to get all of the detail and thought in it. It's so fabulous. Your work always delights and this is yet another masterpiece. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. *hugs* Norma, xo

  9. Oh, this is amazing, what a fantastic and beautiful powerful painting!
    Dear Renilde, thank you so much, I am always impressed about your style, the use of colors, the many ideas inside one painting, details... I love the swags.
    x Stefanie

  10. this is nothing than amazing! great birthday wishes!
    dear renilde, may I invite you to the next dc? my theme is DRIFTWOOD!
    have a creative week! :-) mano