Saturday, October 27, 2012

dc ghost

 he could have sworn it was not just his imagination and the fog,
 he even thought he heard something like soft singing,
 snippets of a melody '

Lovely creative  Norma came up with a theme
which fits the autumn season, please take a look at her colorful 
blog and shiver!!!

have a warm weekend


  1. what a painting dear renilde!!! wonderful and touching, would love to go with the ghost girl inside.... xox julia

  2. a beautiful painting!
    reminds me of older movies... crimes... Edgar Allen Poe
    an illustration of a ghost story, very romantic, so great!
    x Stefanie

  3. Yes! Stefanie said it absolutely. It reminded me of old ghost stories and I can hear the very faint singing. This is brilliant as always Renilde. I love the iron bars which are white. Ghostly white. Who lives in this house? Anyone? Who lived in it long ago? Who is the cloaked figure? BwaaaaaHaaaaa this is eerie in a completely BEAUTIFUL way. Love this painting tons. Hope you have a wonderful Happy Halloween, art friend! *hugs* Norma, x

  4. i am enchanted with old homes...empty now. filled with memories and stories from before it "they" were empty

    the lady in white is fitting and is always welcome, so long as she is silent.

    wonderful paintings...................

  5. Renilde, your painting sends a chill up my spine and really does look like my imagination of ghost stories I loved as a child. Happy Halloween! -sus

  6. postcard time!!!
    i'm getting in the mood for a ghost story, when i see your blue and grey piece of wonder. oh, how i love your old house and the tread of your sweet ghost, hesitating to go in... is she?
    i also want, of course, the house.
    (ahem. and renovate?

    ha h a ha..
    happy hallowe'en, lalatje!

  7. wow Renilde
    the light on the house is stunning! and I love the softness of the figure.
    Not to mention the colours I love the colours.

    Have a wonderful week

    Helen x

  8. Dear Renilde,
    this is such a beautiful painting!

    I can see a whole scenery... its wonderful, stunning.

    Love to you
    x Ariane.

  9. this is so beautiful, dear renilde! in my youth I often read poe, lovecraft and so on - your painting reminds me of this stories. it's creepy and weird and now I want to know what is hidden behind this house!
    :-) mano

  10. Dear Renilde, what a wonderful really get me in a story and I am waiting whta is happening next.
    Have a wonderful week

  11. Renilde, what a wonderful post- the painting is beautiful and I just love the ghostly figure! Just beauiful.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my halloween post from Norma's challenge as well! Jill

  12. A wonderful painting Renilde!
    Those colours are outside my window right now... maybe I'll see a ghost?


  13. A very ghostly painting! So very atmospheric.
    Jess x

  14. thank you,
    the house was loosely inspired by the house in this previous post;

  15. Tu as poussé ton inspiration si loin que l'esprit des lieux t'a visitée.
    Très belle création, Renilde.