Saturday, October 13, 2012

dc driftwood

and there, by the sea one day, the little girl met
driftwood man.
he was shaped by salty water and wind and he had travelled a long way.
he was filled with stories, tales of shores near and far,
he told her about the secrets of the sea.

Mano presented us with a theme which tingles the imagination,
please take a look at this creative centepede's blog,
you'll find more driftwood there.

wishing you all a warm weekend


  1. beautiful!
    all your paintings are little tales
    and this one a precious one
    the sea, a driftwood man....
    and again
    I could see a children's book!

    Patrice A.

  2. Hi Renilde, you have created a beautiful story, and has painted an excellent way, congratulations!!!!.
    Have a good weekend! :)))))))))))))

  3. oh, this is so magical! Very fantastic this little girl with the driftwood man - wow. I love the way you tell this fairy tale!
    x Stefanie

  4. he may be a little grand for my own imagination, he is even scaring me a bit, seriously. but i'm impressed by his veins/muscle though.
    unexpected, this!

  5. Dear Renilde,
    first I thought of a skeleton, but the little girl seems to be fearless... Now I see, of course its a (huge) driftwood man!
    Amazing the story, a fairytale, very well-narrated and painted by you.


  6. There's the seed of a lovely book there-no?

  7. your fairytale is so lovely. first I thought "the poor man", but when I read your words, there is a great magic and I'll meet him for to hear his stories. beautiful driftwood picture with great sky - I want to go denmark now...
    thank you for participation in this challenge! :-) mano

  8. What a fascinating interpretation of our theme, Renilde. This image will be in my dreams tonight. -sus

  9. wow Renilde!
    took my breath away........I couldnt help thinking if I met driftwood man on the beach one day Id have him bundled into the back of my car and driven lickety split back to my garden! heh heh heh

    Enjoy your day

    Helen x

  10. debemos aprender a escucharlo mejor...

    bella interpretaciĆ³n y un gran tema

  11. a bit creepy ... the driftwood man. but i like his stories ...

    ♥ tatjana

  12. Do you know the driftwood sculptures made by Heather Jansch? Thats what I thought of, when I saw your lovely painting. It must be able, making such a person too, or not?

    Greets, Katja

  13. I think it's beautiful, very fascinating and dreamy! I love the colours and what a breautiful sky! I wish you a nice week and thank you for your comment!

  14. You must see these and maybe you will be inspired to build your driftwood man. Beautiful

  15. Renilde I can count the goosebumps this gives me on my arms and everywhere!!! I wish this were a storybook completely illustrated by you. This is magic to me...this painting...what it evokes in my own imagination. Driftwood Man has such a regal stance. Even though one can see through him -- to the ocean beyond, where he came from, he is not scary. Just regal. Gosh this is awesome. My hat is off to you, art friend!! Hugs, Norma, xo

  16. I wonder what it would be like to meet a drift wood man on the beach...and I agree with Annamaria you are so ripe for a book of stories!!

  17. your drift wood man is so gorgeous. very eye catching :)

  18. Great match between the story and image! Bravo Renilde!
    And thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice week****

  19. Your work is amazing!

    I love the little girl with driftwood man I can feel the wind whistling behind them and the sound of the waves beautiful!!!!