Saturday, September 29, 2012

dc mandala

when i read about Nadine's theme, i went to the garden
as it is often my place to daydream, meditate,come 
to rest and settle
there i picked the late september flowers,
used them to draw patterns and took some photos,
which became flower (and a pumpkin) mandalas.
when winter comes, all brown and wet and dark
they will remind me and take me back to the cheerful
abundance of flowerdays.

please take a look at Nadine's wonderful place
for more mandalas

have a peacefull weekend 


  1. Your mandalas are wonderful!
    My favourite is the last! So beautifully coloured!

    À bientôt Renilde****

  2. Dearest Renilde,
    oh wow!
    your mandalas are very psychodelic! I LOVE them! Gorgeous!

    In long, colourless winterdays I'll come to your place here.


  3. Stunning..fabulous..mesmerizing!! Wowness Renilde..Gorgeous and such color-magic! I have missed visiting you and your beautiful world!

  4. these are beautiful!
    and that second one like
    a traditional mandala with four gates
    great work!!

    Patrice A.

    ze doen me denken aan vroeger
    kijkend door zo'n toverkokertje/lantaarntje

    1. i don't know much about mandalas Patrice, so the four gates are a lucky coincidence (we need them so once in awhile;)

  5. wonderful gorgeous mandalas! I love the green one and the orange with the pumpkin very much! prachtig!!
    have a nice weekend in your garden! :-) mano

  6. HI, Renilde, almost psychedelic mandalas, or really psychedelic mandalas.
    They remind me of a kaleidoscope!
    Today I went back to the days of Lucy in the sky with diamonds ;:))))))
    Thanks Renilde!
    And a nice weekend for you!!!!!

  7. Ummm, a sweet thought, flower days memories when the winter hits us hard. Your mandalas will do the trick. Beautiful, Renilde! -sus

  8. what a clever idea, renilde, to go hunting for winter images. funny, we do that, af if we doubt our powerful memory to draw from. i should know, i do it. but what a lovely meditation the garden is. you play part in my little piece of greenery here, because that everlasting love-in-the-mist! i harvested more seeds in the gutter yesterday and also holly hocks seeds. will need a little advice on what to do with the seeds, and when. will e-mail you!
    cheers for playing, renilde! your kaleidoscopic images trigger my imagination!

    1. i'm afraid my powerful imagination needs some confirmation by January dear,
      holly hocks, one of my (many) favourites and not hard to cultivate, wonderful,x

  9. Oh Renilde, these images are as beautiful! Kaleidoscopes were some of my favourite childhood toys. In our house they didn't last long once the boys got a hold of them! xo Carole

  10. Oh I know what you mean by the fear of grey brown autum/winter days with these psychedelic kaleidoskope picture you won't feel sad ur dull at all, probably more like a spider on drugs with a paint gun, haha. I like it a lot!
    xo Barbara

    1. haha Barbara, not sure if i want to feel like that but i like the image ;)x

  11. Renilde I love these flowerdays mandalas. Especially the pumpkin version. At first they looked like a micro view of a 'motherboard' to a computer...or some kind of electrical circuitry. I visited an electrical supply store once where they had small pull out drawers of tons of different brilliantly colored and small bits that joined up wires. I guess one has to solder the wires to these bits. The bits are glass or ceramic I think. They are very colorful and I thought that that was what I was looking at in your pictures. They are awesome and capture a strong flower feeling!! Norma, x

    1. ah yes i know what you mean Norma, when i was a child i saw my father working(fixing) those, the time before the chip, and was completely fascinated meanly by the colors, x

  12. Wonderful patterns - especially the orange one!
    My daughter has a kaledoskop and I tried to make a photo through it, but I need more attemps...

  13. wow, that´s so interesting! And remind of childhood, very nice!
    Would you take part at the next challenge? I am the hostess and I hope to meet you there!
    x Stefanie

  14. Those are very very effective Renilde, I do not know how you made them but they are lovely.

  15. Your flower (and a pumpkin) mandalas are lovely Renilde : )

  16. Wow! How did you do this? A kaleidoscope? Truly beautiful!
    Flowers can thrill us in so many ways. It will be sad to see them fade for the winter.

    I hope you are well.

    1. Thanks Rachel,
      photo collages... and collages... and collages with (Picassa) photoshop, x

  17. renilde, i completely forgot that this week's theme was mandalas!! i must go tell nadine this, as she was kind enough to send me a personal invite - and still i forgot! well, i guess my subconscious was still aware of it... : )

    and here you have nature's collages too! so beautiful...



  18. renilde excellent mandala photos I like them a lot!