Saturday, September 15, 2012

dc spider/web

after his death, when they emptied the little shed at his allotment,
they found an old portrait on the wall, covered in cobwebs

I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised
by lots of spiders/webs , 
please take look , the participants this week are :

have a lovely weekend


  1. [in reply: beautiful, beautiful day for it, indeed, renilde! and i have been outside and it was fun. did you get to enjoy the garden {and work}? ;)))]

    i look at this wonderful painting, full of stories (and threads), and then i read your just as intriguing two lines, explaining your painting! now i don't honestly know what i find more beguiling.
    she is beautiful, renilde. so, so ernest and such a deep gaze. the web enhances her direct stare.
    i am so in love with this.

  2. Renilde,
    First of all, I was sorry not to join this week. If there's a chance I come up with something I'll let you know.
    Thanks for the invitation!
    And your mysterious painting in lovely sepia tones is beyond wonderful. The web adds delicacy, layers, and time to the story. There is so much to see here and my mind's eye takes it even further!
    I love this theme!

  3. Great!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend, Renilde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. your portrait touches me a lot! it's incredibly beautiful!
    :-) mano

  5. Very beautiful painting. I'd like to know more about the story!
    I'm off to Qualicum Beach for a week. Not sure what art supplies I'll take.
    Happy weekend to you.

  6. caught in a web
    a spider spun
    thin chains hold
    what's standing

    fine painting dearie......really neat.

  7. such a beautiful painting Renilde her gaze is hypnotic and the small snippet of story offers endless scenarios of what could be. The skill in this painting is fine. The palette of colours used are restrained and subdued.

    I like this artwork alot Renilde. Ive posted mine which is completely different to this. I love the diversity these challenges bring.

    Thanks for the great theme Renilde

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself.

    Helen :)

  8. bello retrato y tus palabras aƱaden misterio

  9. dear renilde, this is so very beautiful and sad in such a romantic way.
    xox, julia

  10. Dear Renilde,
    it feels like a real story.
    Your lines... sad and real.
    Your portrait deep, showing the past.
    The time...

    Sorry, I'm late. Finally I come up with my spider/web in theis world wide web.
    Thank you very much for this theme. It has been a very surprising one to me.


  11. Renilde, for me this was one of the most enjoyable themes we have had. Don't you love how there are so many differing 'takes' on a theme. Where the artistic bent takes one? I love this myself. I want to hear more about that shed. Oh the romance of it all. Gosh.
    Well your painting is haunting in a beautifully powerful way. Her eyes are enticing to say the least. She is very beautiful and she is beautifully painted. What a beauty of an art piece. Love this. Talk soon, Norma, xo

  12. THis is a beautiful pice of art Renilde... I can't seem to manage to take my eyes from her...
    And I love the story that goes with it


  13. Dear Renilde this is really a wonderful painting, I like the faded subtle colours it perfectly matches to the story - "only" a sentence and a painting - together the beginning of a romantic story about different lifes woven together - very inspirational!
    xo Barbara

  14. beautiful painting!
    I love her melancholic eyes
    and that web
    it could have been a veil
    this for you simple painting
    tells a whole story

    with love
    Patrice A.

  15. Such sweet story and lovely painting. Wishing you a grat start to the week;-)

  16. Wonderful narrative, Renilde, and a delicately rendered web and portrait. xxoo, sus

  17. What a wonderful painting...I have the feeling that it really tells a story to me.

  18. I am pleased with yours, that is for sure! A sentence, a life, a history! You made me think!