Monday, September 24, 2012

little book looking for a title

(acrylic on paper)

(elderberry juice on paper)

(fabric paint on cotton)

today,while the wind  rages fiercely around the house ,
i almost finished a little book that was started here,
just two pages left, waiting for the right inspiration
and maybe a title on the cover, not sure, 'encounters' came to my mind
though that word sounds a bit 'heavy' to me, no?


  1. Renilde this book is stunning. Oh I bet it is delicious to see in person. Wonderful work!!! The delicacy of the work should have a lighter title but I haven't come up with anything I like yet. If I do...I'll be back!! *smiles* Norma, xo

  2. I have no title for you - but it's so so beautiful! I'm happy to see your drawings and collages together in this little book! :-) mano

  3. tienen algo muy especial para mí los cuadernos llenos de dibujos y palabras de uno y para uno mismo

  4. wat ziet het er fijn uit!
    die losse draadjes
    de tekeningen
    met de kleur ernaast
    ik vind je titel in het nederlands
    mooier: ontmoetingen
    en toch....
    ik zal nadenken over een titel

    Patrice A.

  5. magical book. each page touched me. touches?

    1. yes touches, touch seems more the right word, thanks, i'll think about it, x

  6. renilde,
    this book is pure beauty!!
    i love the dark blue,
    the tender drawing lines.
    the elderberry-cloud face...
    I WANT ONE!!!
    big x, julia

  7. Very nice illustrations!
    "Encounters" sounds good.

    Have a nice weekend, Renilde****