Wednesday, September 12, 2012

finding home

(a very good friend of mine who lives in the south of france
is looking for a new home)


  1. We are trying to sell our home too because with all the children grown up and moved out it's too big for us. In my mind I am looking for a new home too. The south of France sounds too good!!So I can identify with your woman in the painting, holding a map between the two worlds. Love!

  2. Dear renilde, love this piece of art, especially the map-dress and the wonderful colours its like a promise for a good future in safe connected homes.
    Have a nice evening Barbara

  3. brilliant, the map dress
    also the colors you have chosen
    hope for a new home soon... -sus

  4. This great, dearest Renilde!
    Colour of lavender, those sunflowers, sign for the south of France... and her dress made from a map... marvellous!


  5. i see you involved in your friends journey
    lavender fields? zinnias or sunflowers? doesn't matter, lovely.
    very french homes
    i love to read your art. ;-)

  6. You are so soulful dear Renilde.

    Sorry for not commenting for a long time, but have been struggling with time:(
    I pop in and read your posts so I know what is going on <3

  7. Beautiful painting, Renilde! It's interesting how the red line travels from the dress, through the map, and along the road. We are looking at smaller house as our children have all moved to their own homes. Maybe I'll suggest looking in the south of France! xo Carole

  8. you drew a map!
    the lavender fields look ravishing...
    this'll be nice for your friend, the mere thought.

  9. Intéressante, la façon dont tu présentes cette peinture que je verrai bien illustrer un conte pour enfants. Très belle création.


  10. at first i thought you
    made a painting on an (old) map
    but you drew a map!
    and I like the red line
    which continued on the road

    Patrice A.

  11. This has to be my favourite so far of all your artworks Renilde.
    Its amazing there is so much depth in it. I love the intricate map and of course the colours are right up my alley.

    Its beautiful.

    Helen x

  12. me parece una pintura bella. la falta larga me ha recordado a Klimt.

  13. oui, this is a beautiful painting! J´adore!
    the colors the composition the story it tells...
    great and romantic!
    x Stefanie