Saturday, September 8, 2012

drawing challenge / swim

i am not a very good swimmer
i don't like indoor pools at all
outdoor pools are fine but i don't own one
i like swimming in a river or a lake, but none suitable for this in my neighborhood
i love looking at the sea

Rachel is this week's host , a theme that suits her, lithe and lively,
please go to her blog for some more swimming

i wanted to show you an older gouache but decided this morning to make something 
new for this challenge, that's the real challenge isn't it,
barely dry and quickly painted,
 swim, swim

have a nice weekend 


  1. I don't like chlorinated water because it makes me itch! This is such an unusual painting, very watery and the fish looks quite surprised by her doesn't he? ;) Have a lovely weekend Renilde!
    Jess x x

  2. Wow, you met the challenge, Renilde! Your swimmer may still be wet but she looks so free and happy.
    I'm not much of a swimmer any more. The Pacific Ocean doesn't get too warm in this part of the world but on a hot summer day it feels divine! Have a wonderful week! xo Carole

  3. ha!
    i'm here!

    grenouille movement?
    about the ony one i know, dear...
    such a slow swimmer, moi.
    are you?

    yes, yes, that is the real challenge. this is what we do to one another.
    women! we are alive!!

  4. Renilde, this is wonderful, look as frames of a movie!!!
    I congratulate you.
    Thanks for your comment!
    My house has a little of everything, is a mountain house, very small (I live in a valley between mountains, so it has a lot of stone on floors and walls, is the material that is at hand here
    I also do not really like indoor swimming pools
    I prefer the river, here where I live our river has areas very fast, but also has quiet water areas with huge pools of up to 8 meters deep!!
    Bye, and congratulations for this painting!!!!

  5. Renilde, dear friend, I believe that we have crossed in cyberspace, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  6. The worst thing is that I did not see you, I wish to give you a kiss:))))))))))

  7. I love the way you accompany your artwork with a personal story about swimming. I used to swim all the time in Greece, not so much here. Lovely work;)

  8. quickly painted you say
    but what a great one!
    I only made a quick drawing ;^((

    I once was a good swimmer
    but I hardly ever swim nowadays
    I like the water, especially the sea
    but do not like to go in ;^))

    Patrice A.

  9. barely dry and BEAUTIFULLY painted is more like it. I really like the perspective and the colours and movement. Great painting Renilde i like!

    Its a shame you dont get to swim more often I too do not enjoy indoor pools lucky for me that there are a few outdoor pools left in my area.

    Have a lovely weekend Renilde

    Helen x

  10. Renilde, I love her fishy friend. You caught the gesture well. xxoo, sus

  11. me hace gracia esta pintura. me resulta graciosa. no sé por qué.

  12. Dear Renilde,
    I adore your painting!
    You have captured her movement so well... even that from the water. It looks like a real swimming, as on film.
    I like the fishes under and over the surface, its another level...
    and I really love your imagination :)


  13. dear renilde, please - can I swim with you in this wonderful water? it looks like the water in a finnish lake!
    I smiled about the fish...! :-) mano

  14. I really like your colours and the fishes woven into the sea, thats very tempting.
    Have a nice sunday.
    xo Barbara

  15. Love your artwork Renilde
    I can see she is swimming, the water moving around her...

    Sometimes looking at the sea is a kind of mental swimming. Good for both soul and body


  16. Your swimmer looks like a mermaid! Beautiful, and strong! I want to thank you for your very nice comment on my blog! Thank you and a lot of kisses!

  17. Renilde, your quickly painted and still a bit damp artwork is so full of vigor and movement and grace and fluidity all at the same time. Such grace! Such a celebration of the female form. Love the swimming friends with her. Awesome art you do!!! Love it. Talk soon, Norma, xo