Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today was...

strawberry jam
rosemary olive oil
basil vinegar.....

before a thunderstorm , and i didn't say 'smile'.....

preparing some pieces of wood and cardboard...

a bit of playing...

and looking for some black and white string, which was nowhere to be found.
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  1. The day unfolds
    bit by bit
    how fun

    Love, love, love the header! Bright, mystical, hearts and flowers, the wonder Queen!

    Thank you, for sharing!

  2. I agree about the new header, truly lovely! And the zebra painting is beautiful, string and all!

  3. I love the triptych of photos: the jam, olive oil and vinegar. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog this time - much appreciated, as always.

  4. Yes, me too. Love the header.
    Interesting painting!!!

  5. i love the header too and i'm very impressed by the zebra painting, can you leave it like it is, or do you need to paint the black stripes??
    hugs, julia

  6. ... despertando todos los sentidos

  7. Sounds like a lovely day... and you found the b/w string. Beautul pictures too. The triptych is very nice :-)

  8. WOW love your new header! and am wondering like Julia if you will leave the zebra as is?

  9. Thanks!!
    Dear Julia and Kristen, yes i'm going to leave the zebra as it is, that's why i needed some black and white string, so the mind would make the connection. I used blue and white string but that isn't really good enough...still can't find the black and white one :(
    When one leaves away the vowels in a text, you are still able to read the text, that brought me to paint this. x