Monday, June 13, 2011

Garden in June

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  1. i love your garden, renilde. i do. i do....

  2. I am glad that I discovered your blog.
    You are truly a very great artist in painting
    and photography..
    Greet you from Greece

  3. Wow!! Wow!! Magical!! Oh my gosh Renilde...I LOVE your garden...magnificent! Truly inspiring! Thanks for sharing such beauty!!

  4. Oh, oh! I love my garden wanders. I feel welcome to sit in silence. Thank you, for sharing you garden and art.

    Happy day!

  5. Dear Friend:

    I tell you this (I have also shared this little story in my blog): thus, ensopadito in alcohol, in a pure flame, I was right now where my childhood barber and lifelong weeding my soul, was cutting and cutting plants long dark, carnivorous and poisonous. While doing this I spoke of when he was a property by the Santa Rosa River, here in Tilarán (my "Náralit"), a lot that had sold well and thriving Flaqué Montull Don Domingo, Catalan founder of modern Tilarán for whom my father worked for many years managing his property and power and water service for the people. Then one day, tells him that property being acquired, near the creek, he heard the sound of a clean ocarina, transparent, heavenly! He returned home and told the sonic vision to Elida, which was the name his wife, she advised him to dig exactly where he had appreciated the ancient melody. That was two feet deep and found a jar, within this one, opening it was the beautiful musical instrument acabadito to do with your original nail and all. Don Fernando Zúñiga, the hairdresser who 85 years ago and says that some of these archaeological sites huacas or dwell the spirits of the Indians. While attending Don Fernando someone out, it sells herbal medicines, abuse of confidence, I put the ocarina on my lips and blew softly faith and began to hear the ancient sound, my body shook and the barber chair began to move alone to rotate 360 ​​degrees, I left you and was blown back into the previous position, exactly when the old barber and a farmer came to finish the cut. Amiga: Indian spirit was with me. Have always said that traveling is a pleasure to board a plane and fly to new routes, visit places and special people. I say this afternoon I traveled to the music of the ocarina.

    Friendship and fraternal hugs in real poetry,

    Frank Ruffino.

  6. what a beautiful garden renilde. It must require a lot of time to keep like this :)

  7. Wow, Renilde, what a stunning garden, no wonder you have so much inspiration flowing through your paintings :D

  8. Dear Renilde,
    is this YOUR GARDEN?
    I could be jealous...

    x Ariane.

  9. My dears, you are all welcome to wander and sit in my garden,
    dear Dorte, there is some work mostly trimming, pruning and clipping and weeding in the kitchen garden but i see that as a nice way to keep fit as i do not at all like fitness-centers.I like it to be lush and a bit wild, i like plants growing between cracks and stones and walking around,x,

    dear Frank, thank you so much for telling me that story, it's wonderful. I never heard of the ocarina, but i listened to it on 'You tube' it has a beautiful sound. It reminds me of the sound of sea shells, warm and magical and melancolic too, thanks, x.

  10. Renilde, this is a magical place and I can see the touch of your hand and your heart in all the beautiful wild growth! Oh to stroll those paths and smell the flowers...