Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beach walk

Beach walk.

I'm trying out this very fine, soft grain paper.
The gouache in my previous post was also on this paper; it is very smooth and different to work on, the paint smears like butter.
Outside rain, lots of rain, but summer cupboard brings summery inspiration.

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  1. Three shells walking together in a beautiful harmony on a dream beach,,
    This painting brings summer inspirations...
    And who sees the rain, when there is sunshine
    in your heart!!!!!
    Greetings from Greece........

  2. Beach walk, sea and shells, beach stars, insertion of nature in art!


    Please wrap a day or two of rain in tissue paper and send it our way! Hah!

    Thank you, for sharing so much!

  3. Just beautiful!
    I love your banner/header!!

  4. this brings me magritte. you know? it breathes the softest surrealism, to me. thanks. i like it. also very much like the banner!

  5. Wow!! Gorgeous post Renilde...your art is stunning and captures all the enchantment of your beach adventure..! I love the dance and poetry embodied in this piece! also feels very dreamlike and makes me feel full of harmony and spirit. Very powerful! I love your new header..woah...fabulous!!
    Have a beautiful day my friend!

  6. Yes, like three friends on a beach walking! Dear Renilde, this is a beautiful imagining of what shells do when no one is looking - except for an artist like you who sees through the soul as well as the eyes!