Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drawing / Daily life

Daily life is this...

alsoo this ;)....

and this...

bringing us to the whole picture.

Drawing challenge this week ; daily life hosted by the very creative Elisabeth over at Textilspanieln
A very nice weekend to you all.

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  1. bravo Renilde!!! los detalles 1 y 2 son pinturas independientes. incluso por separado me gustan más.

  2. Painting life, still life, real life.


    Thank you, for sharing.

  3. WOW!!! amazing. you are so talented. love it.

  4. Wow! This is really fantastic! I love the sequence and the whole picture is so beautiful.
    It's really a wonderful piece!


  5. ha ha ha... i hadn't realised you'd started by giving us cuttings of one big and bold work. how i love your dailies and the way you offer them to us! my, my. was it nice to do this? i bet it was! let's see what i especially like?
    the two cats watching, the upside down tree, the scattering of colour, the rain!, by jove, that rain!!!
    what a composition...
    correct myself : i love every detail.
    wow, renilde!!!

  6. I echo Rachel's comment. Great sequence and an interesting work. I find myself thinking of your everyday life. Would like to hear your comments on the picture so I could hear if I found the right clues. I believe I find your dreams as well as your daily life. The ladder - I love it. I'll return to this picture. And I hope I'll make a painting like this of my own everyday life sometime. Thank you for your contribution!

  7. Fantastic! I love the way you very gradually revealed it all bit by bit!xx

  8. Wonderful, just real life, the sequences are perfect, the whole picture it's beautiful, love the colors!!!! You are so talented!!!!

  9. Dear Renilde,
    I'm really impressed... its a fantastic painting. I can find so many stories in there... and different levels of daily life. Great!


  10. Renilde, this is both a perfect capturing of everyday life and a portrait of the artistic imagination at work, above and beyond the mundane! Lovely!

  11. Thanks so much,
    and yes,yes,Nadine i had great fun painting this, it all came very,very easy, after all it's my daily life :) x

    Dear Elisabeth, daydreaming is part of my daily life. When days have been busy, people have told me all kind of stories, (i work 3 days/nights a week in a pub) i can climb up that ladder or slip through that door where i find my own tales and images. I like the contact with all these man and woman. I've noticed i listen to them not only with my ears, not only to their talking but to what they are really expressing, i can feel them.
    I look around, see colors, see emotions,see funny things and sad ones. I think of my step-daughter and my baby grandson daily, messages are sent and calls are made. Daily life is a good strong cup of coffee. Some days the world seem to stand on it's head, but in my garden i come back to my senses;) The little clown in front of the door is a clay figurine i found on a flea-market years ago and he has been around ever since. He is pointing at his heart and i treasure him; i hope i will always do whatever i do, from the heart.
    Painting is daily life for me, the daydreaming and real stories are comming together in my work.
    Thanks Elisabeth, i had a great time painting my daily life. x

  12. i love this painting renilde, especially the two "watching everything" cats.
    the dark baby on my last painting meant to be a cat too, hihi.
    ♥♥♥ (stolen from nadine) julia)

  13. your painting is fantastic! I love all the little details!

  14. great to see little pieces and then the big picture. so and night :-)