Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Refreshing rain

Just in time,to wash away the dust ,the rain came.
Deepening the colors of no longer thirsty green.
Bringing that touch of mystery and privacy.
A different music played and even the birds were listeners .
But the man on tv says the sun will be back soon.
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  1. HI Renilde..always such beautiful posts you all these beautiful images! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love the rain!! For all of the reasons you mentioned. I could almost smell that earth from those photos, but then I wondered how different the earth in Belgium must smell.
    We won't see rain for a while. Off to the desert we go today. The dry arid desert where there is little rain, but it's own unique beauty.


  3. Beautiful photos - the first one of the puddle is like something you would paint, Renilde. Rather intriguing...

  4. Thrilling. I am overcome with the beauty of these photos!

    The colorful tree in the pasture, takes my breath away! The horse, I love horses.

    I want to sit in your garden and walk in these pastures!

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thanks, Renilde!
    beautiful pictures of a beautiful spring!
    I guess this always gives encouragement to paint and create, right?
    Autumn here is very benevolent, cold will not come and the snow is very far yet.
    anyway there are colors that bring a painting more intimate.
    I am sending you a kiss from ocher

  6. dear renilde,
    it seams that our little horse horsti, moved in your neighborhood, we thought he's in heaven! that would be so heartwarming to know...
    your garden is so very mysteriously, like a fairy tale. hugs, julia

  7. hopefully the man is right ... rain is nice when is does not last too long :)