Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I finished another canvas. Finished ... but always possible I add a touch of paint here or there.
This one was difficult to photograph, but these images are pretty close to the real thing.
So: Unfolding acryl on canvas 40x40 cm

And this is the page in my sketchbook( it's rather a loose papers map) where the idea was quickly put to paper.

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  1. Life unfolding, a cloak of midnight sky and twinkle bright stars.

    Beautiful, beautiful painting.

  2. Oh, Renilde, this might just be my favorite painting yet! It is so so beautiful!

  3. Oh this a very nice cute painting :)

  4. sweetie? ik vind dienen achtergrond eigenlijk vreed schoon!!!
    toch wel symbolisch ook?

  5. Oh, I really love this new piece! It's rich in symbolism and magical imagery.

  6. Renilde Hello!
    This really is poetry.
    As my friend, great artist, Luis Scafati said: "I am a writer who uses another type of calligraphy. "
    (You can go to my blog and see some of it)
    Well, you're a writer who uses another type of calligraphy.

  7. Thank you so much dear blogfriends.

    Yes Wild Magnolia, the night has it's own special atmosphere, I like how it feels.

    Gabriella,I always appreciate your comments because you have a 'good eye'thanks.

    Thank you Dorte, long winternights brings its own inspiration.

    Dank je Nadine was zelf ook het meest tevreden over de achtergrond, het heet dan wel achtergrond maar is van even groot belang als de rest en kan het beeld versterken of juist niet.
    And yes there is always a kind of symbolism although I'm not always aware while I'm painting.I leave things out and add others on the way 'till the image feeels right for me.Thanks Kimberly.

    Thanks for your visit and comment camino roque,gracias.

    Roberto that's very beautiful and a sweet thing to say, thanks a lot.
    I looked at your friend Luis Scatafi's work, he's a real artist, amazing work, thanks for the tip.

  8. I like this and the sketch too!

  9. I have given you a prize on my blog. And it is meant to go with no stress;)