Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sea longing

Sometimes I feel a strong longing , a longing for the sea.
  Waves and sand and sallty sea breeze.
Sun on rocks and sand.
  To be near it, feel it.
Calming voice of water. Rhythmic.
Flowing water, flowing thoughts.
I can't go to the sea that often.
But I have a sea room, and then.... then I close my eyes.

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  1. Wow Renilde..such a beautiful and inspiring post! Beautiful art...gorgeous treasures...I love that large shell..amazing! Now you have me longing for the beach and all that beauty!! Thanks for such an uplifting and magical post!! I shall dream of the sea tonight!

    Have a beautiful day..and thankyou for your lovely visit!

  2. y nuestras energías se cruzan. el mar nos envolvió ayer.

  3. A visit to the sea is a cleansing peaceful experience.

    Nearest to me, here in Florida USA, is the Gulf of Mexico to the west of where I now live. I grew up on this west coast and went often to the beach. These last years I have not gone often and I long for it too.

    The sea room is inspiring and is a good second best.


  4. I love the sea too - I can't live anywhere that isn't close to a large body of water, and whenever I travel I always go to the local aquarium to watch the sea creatures in their graceful, flowing world. I love your sea room!

  5. i bottled some for you. smell now...
    it was stark, and it was sweet, north sea.

  6. I love the sea too, Renilde and your sea room is so beautiful :D

    Your work lately is stunning :D

  7. Hi Renilde. I saw your little face over at my place this morning. hello!
    You are welcome to come for more visits if you are longing for the sea - I am surrounded by it - and often forget that I am not a mermaid!

  8. yes. I too feel the calling for the sea. are you far from the sea? I am close to the mountains, like 2 miles away.

  9. Thanks to you all beautiful mermaids out there;me too I like the variety and the magnificence of sea fauna and flora,it's a amazing world deep down there.
    And being at the seaside is a wonderful experience, I live about 200 km away from the noth sea, I often wish it was closer.
    And yes Nadine, I smelled it, the north sea perfume, made me sigh of contentment.

    Thanks for your heart warming comments, X