Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grey and turquoise

Bird tale
gouache on paper 24x32 cm

The past weeks I seem to be in a pale color mood.
The darker work have to wait, I need to use these colors now.

Acryl painting in progress, don't know exactly where it's going .
After a difficult start, working on this one has become very restful, the colors are calming .
There is a siren song in my head, although I'm not painting sirens (half bird, half woman).
That siren sound is very pleasant, not distracting on the contrary it helps to concentrate.
Is this all the result of me longing for the seaside ?
Or started this painting my longing ?

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  1. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    The mermaids, team work, sea beauty.

    Dabs of soft color palette. A dab of this, a dab of that, and the artist creates images, beginning first in her mind.

    Beauty work!

    Thank you.


  2. Gorgeous Renilde..i love your color expression...jsut what i love...beautiful! I also love the wonderful symbolic imagery you create within your art..I am captivated by the figures in the birds wings!! awesome!
    Shine on!

  3. Renilde, i love the colours & patterns in these paintings, i so need to practice with my acrylics but am so used to watercolour i am having such troubles! sighs. thank you for the lovely words on faerietale blog x x

  4. love making the decisions when creating art. looking forward to what you come up with.

  5. no sé a dónde vas? como pez o como pájaro
    pero tus composiciones prometen un bello viaje

  6. These colors make me feel calm too - and I think I can hear your siren song! Beautiful work.

  7. Your sweet comments made me happy!

  8. pale colours for the palest winter light of january. fetching.

  9. Beautiful! And i LOVE mermaids. A lot! :-)