Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Rain and music.
Working on this one, looking at sketches, deciding which ones
will become a painting or not,or later maybe.
Feelings and stories and images.

Also working on this one, too many things on my mind to paint ,
so not going as I would like. Need a very clear head to paint on canvas.
More used to paper,maybe that's the reason?
Leave it for awhile, a little struggle is good, too much is not.

And this little guy is keeping me company.
He's old and made of plaster,used as a target at a rifle-booth.
You had to aim at his opened mouth.....
They didn't shoot him, I like him.

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  1. ...oh but mine isnt as beautiful as your work!!!
    how happy to be here and discover thru the looking glass :)

  2. Three women, connected, water ballet, energy.

    Great beginning.


  3. In the second one, my eye was immediately drawn to the blue silhouette of the cat...

  4. i like your collage/mood board, for inspiration? i like it a lot. lve the color palette.

  5. Love the birds they would be wonderful as costumes.

  6. like the insights you give us into your working process. Hope your head clears soon. The sketches look lovely :)

  7. these are just great renilde!!!
    i love your black/white drawings/sketches so much, i love the black outlines in combination with those beautiful colors! wonderful scenes!
    xo, julia

  8. Dear Lahksmita,your work is totally yours and beautiful. Often I like someone elses work better than mine. But I have to make what I have to make and sometimes I think, hmm this is not so bad and occasionally I feel really satisfied. I love to look at your art! x

    Dear Wild Magnolia, there is a 4th woman, it will take awhile but I will blog the whole painting when finished x

    Thanks Jane!

    Dear Gabriella, I made a big gouache using this cat theme, I like cats,x

    Sometimes it isn't Don but it's clearing up:)

    Thanks s
    Dear Nadine,yes you can call it that too, x

    Yes Hazel,you see things 3D better than me, but I can imagine what it would look like.

    Hello Dorte, I like to get an insight in a working process so I try to show some of mine,x

    O Julia thanks a lot, your comment is so appreciated,x

  9. Renilde..yay...this whole post was filled with so much of your beauty..your creations are stunning..and seeing them all together is magnificent! Shine on!! you are so talented in all you do!