Monday, January 3, 2011

A party to start with

Had to put pencils and brushes aside for acouple of days.
Preparing food and having a drink, a laugh and some fun with loved ones, a nice way to start the year.

But too much days without painting always feel as something is missing.
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  1. I know what you mean - even though it looks like the presentation and the delicious food you offered were a creative act unto themselves! Still, much as I cherish time with loved ones, it is always so good to be back at work, making art.

  2. whoeahhh.... die hapjes....!!!
    santé en smakelijk...

  3. It's good to have time to celebrate with family and friends but lovely to get back into usual routines also. Lovely photos.

  4. Yes Gabriella,I suppose when you have creativity in you , you put it in almost everything you do.
    But I like paint, the colors, the magic of mixing colors and putting them together on paper and canvas.A sweet addiction :) x

    Ze waren lekker, ze zijn op Nadine :)) x

    Thanks Marilyn, oh yes, the magic of a party is also you don't have one everyday or at least not that kind of parties ;) x