Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to birds

gouache and collage

I've been always been intrigued by birds, they have fascinated me since my childhood.
They appear in my garden, my dreams and often they did in my work too.
The last years they slightly disappeared, that is in my work, but I noticed today they have returned the last months. I don't know the exact meaning of that but the birds are back.

me at the age of 3

pastels 1989

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  1. These are all fabulous, magical, dreamy and inspiring! Enjoy the magic of the birds..glad they are back!

  2. This is lovely, Renilde to see the theme of birds running through your work and that photo of you as a child where it all began! We always do go back to our beginnings...

  3. Love that picture of you as a little girl with the pigeon, its a treasure.

  4. You are so gorgeous in this photo, your love of birds show so clearly. I love the first 1989 pastel of a bird, and the colours are so wonderful.

  5. Thank you all, I like that picture too, and I do believe that certain interests stay forever and often start very early in ones life.

  6. wat een leuke foto, renilde!
    herinner je je dat moment?

  7. Ja ik herinner me er nog wel iets van,ik herinner me nog dat de eerste keer dat er een duif op mijn arm zat ik wel schrok van de kracht waarmee ze zich vastgreep en hoeveel geluid het vleugel geklapper maakte.
    Het was spannend maar ik genoot er van. x

  8. Prachtig allemaal! En wat een lieve foto.... :-)