Monday, January 10, 2011


The snow is gone,whiteness melted away. Colors have returned and the garden is whispering it's January stories.
There are clouds and rain and spring is still far away.
But the scent of hyacinthes, already so promising.

She knew a safe place to keep stories.
gouache 24 x32 cm

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  1. To hold the stories within ourselves, with the explicit honor of telling them again.

    Lovely art, the woman saving her stories.

  2. I love your photos but your artwork is amazing ...I love how you show where we all keep our stories. i would never have thought of expressing this through art. I love how your mind works.

  3. beautiful poetic posts - lovely word and art combinations :)

  4. thank you for the friendly comment on my blog! I love your collage with the birds very much - it's really beautiful and a little bit mysterious.

  5. so beautiful renilde!! i like your mystic women in all your paintings! and the combination with animals of course!!! hugs, julia

  6. Thank you Wild Magnolia,I guess our lives are made up by happy and sad stories which we save to remember and to tell now and then.x

    Thanks Marilyn,through art one can express almost everything don't you think, maybe for you it's the art of writing and mine is painting I suppose :)

    Dear Gabriella,it wasn't the intention to do a self-portrait, but I see what you mean and there may be a slight resemblance , it's more like I'm often painting the girl that lives inside of me. I'm pretty sure when I would get very old I will still paint her, she's a kind of ageless. I never really thought about this, hmmm interesting, x.

    Stephanie,Mano, thanks for the sweet comments.

    Thank you Julia,and yes human figures and animals keep appearing in my work too, x