Saturday, February 2, 2013

dc discovery

then there is that moment
maybe you were  looking for something else
or not looking for something at all, just playing

 what do we find here?!
you look
you look again
can this be true
is it
(stormy brain activity)

it is
(a bit light in the head now)
it really is true


(always difficult to photograph these collages,they tend to curl up a bit,
that problem is solved once they are framed)

adventurous Emily chose this weeks theme
please take a look at her place for more discoveries


  1. Dear R. I like your collages a lot (is this an appropriate concept to talk about a work of art?) :)
    Ja Ja, I like to be unstructured, art (and criticism, God save me from it) do not have to wear a suit and tie right?
    do you know what I like? the unseen hand, that's where I imagine what will happen to this man I see in your collage????
    Congrats, Renilde!!!

  2. Your collage tells me things Renilde
    How to keep an open, curious mind. How to notice. One must notice to discover, no?

    Thanks dear : )

  3. I'm with Roberto, I'm wondering what this man's hand will discover behind the mesh...and who is discovering who? Maybe it's the lizard thinking "AHA" when it discovers a man on the plinth? I like how you put room for interpretation into your artwork. And again, I'm stoked by your combination of colours, material, layering and shapes...great!

  4. muy original y la luz oportuna de la primera imagen :)

  5. I sense an escape-artist gekko! Great woven "cage" with that curious hand reaching in (?) What a terrific metaphor.
    Thanks for the close ups of your pieces, too,

  6. I imagine your character reaching into the unknown- to what discovery will he find...and the full piece at the end makes me see what is behind the gate, another type of reality :)

  7. A wonderfully suspenseful post, Renilde, very much full of the AHA of a surprising discovery. I want to go on the other side of the grid and walk about in the world you have created. Happy week, sus

  8. I always enjoy the story you tell with your collages.

  9. Renilde, the close up in the first shot had me stopped for a bit of time. I was looking and looking at the light area. and swearing that I could see the dark purple edges of the clouds moving in on the moon. So I actually saw movement. I love when that happens. That is an AHA moment for me in a way. Magical anyway.
    I think that animal might bite that hand so it makes me nervous and not really excited, though this collage is exciting. *smiles* Norma, x

  10. Happy new year. nice to see you remain creatively productive. :)

  11. Discovery and surprise both greeted me within your collage, Renilde. Thank you. xo