Saturday, February 23, 2013

dc glass

she lives in her glass universe
not sure if she can hear me
i can see her
she's dancing

this week's drawing challenge was presented to us by  lovely creative Sus,
please visit her place to find out about more  beautiful participations,

wishing you a very fine weekend


  1. I'm really in love with your glasspainting. The picture expresses a kind of calmness eventhough it is full of dynamic. It seems that the glass gives her the feeling of confidence and not the feeling of beeing caught. Introverted and expressive at the same time. Wonderful.
    Have a great weekend

  2. beautiful painting and the idea of her, dancing for her own, watched by us, maybe she does not see us but we just see her... do we hear the music she is dancing to? very romantic, strong imagination as always!
    have a nice weekend x Stefanie

  3. Renilde, increasingly, I like your art, and your words.
    I wonder, maybe we will not be all alone dancing inside a glass dome? Believing that no one is watching?
    Will she be dancing, music that the little bird sings every morning?
    I do not know

  4. Renilde!!!!
    what a beautiful painting
    she is dancing in her own world
    like my eldest son is living in his
    this one touches me deeply
    thank you and
    \fijn weekend!!


  5. oh to live in a beautiful glass cloche!

  6. Renilde, lovely images. Happy week to you. XO Carole

  7. Renilde

    your artwork just takes my breathe away its not just the idea its the execution. Such masterly technique its really beautiful I hope this one makes it onto a large canvas would look amazing.

    Helen x

  8. "She lives in a glass house. . .I can see her dancing". Wonderful imagery!

  9. Oh, you are brave, dear Renilde, and successfull... how you've painted glass! I own such a globe like this and when I tryed only to photograph it... phew... Your painting is great! Love it!

    Your lovely words are touching me... and your handwriting. Even that I can spot you in the mirror of the frame during taking a picture of the pretty glass-bird... feels so close.

    xo Ariane.

  10. I love this beautiful dancing good fairy in the cloche!
    :)) mano

  11. So cleverly painted and such an original subject!xx

  12. The painting is so beautiful Renilde! I can see her dancing too...

    lots of love from Norway

  13. WOW. your bell jar painting is heavenly. Is she free?

  14. Renilde, you have caught the effect of reflection quite brilliantly. this is not easy! You are a paint brush dancer. xxoo, sus

  15. I had a thought and then got carried away reading the other fine comments and I agree with all of them...and then lost my own thought...well your little dancer does actually take my thoughts inside the maybe that is where they went. I am dancing with her. Love your painting. Oh yes, now I remember the thought. It is this: I love the idea of this painting. I love the painting itself of course, of course. But the idea of it is GRAND!! N, x

  16. oh, renilde!
    you make me want to paint glass, now. i am so scared of painting, or drawing glass. you make it seem easy, so easy. and magical.
    she's fine inside. she looks happy. i think i can relate. ;)))
    lovely, just lovely. also the colur tones.