Saturday, February 16, 2013

dc lighthouse

maybe you are a lighthouse
guiding me along steep cliffs 
 new shores

we meet and part
again , again
 and over again

i will not drown
you will not burn
we are water and land 
we glow
blazing mirrors
in a dark night

this week's theme is lighthouse, in dutch the word is 'vuurtoren'  (loosely translated: tower of fire),
i like  both these words

please take a look at the work and inspiration
at the beautiful blogs of 
and Norma

thanks for your participation and reactions
have a sweet weekend


  1. love your artwork..always takes you(me) on a little journey xx

  2. OK, my friend, your poetry is superb.
    I loved your words, and I really feel as if I had written them.
    because they reflect feelings that I feel
    I love the translation of the word lighthouse to your language, it is also very poetic, tower of fire takes me to a time of sailing, with stories of love, and wars for love.
    Your painting is excellent, as always.
    Thanks for your invitation. have a nice weekend!!!!

  3. I love this one, I love that the ligthouse is secretly a woman;-) And the colours and the anima you have to search, and don't forget the wonderful words: very beautiful!

  4. Yes, this art piece could be called 'Anima' it is so powerful. I love the white horse. Just beautiful art once again Renilde. I love what you do. *smiles* Norma, x

  5. wow Renilde such a powerful combination of image and words.
    I agree with Norma "I love what you do" You always open my eyes to fresh ideas.

    This was a great theme Renilde had a lot of fun researching lighthouses!

    Enjoy your weekend

    Helen x

  6. tu predominio de color arena me ha hecho pensar que es verdad que el faro avisa tierra pero yo lo relaciono más con el color del mar.

  7. Dear Renilde...
    once again you found a wonderful combination between your drawing and your words. Inspirated I made a little collage for this wonderful theme:
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  8. Dear Renilde,
    I have a look at your art piece here again and again... anima... wonderful. Its like a disclosure of a secret... that we all have known but have forgotten. Thank you for remembering ;)
    I like the lucency of Mrs Lighthouse... the spiral and her hair! Heart and brain... sense and sensuality... love. Your words!

    x Ariane.

  9. Renilde, Your lighthouse looks stunning in its little thumbnail image and to them open it up! wow. This is very engaging for me; the woman as a lighthouse (!!! YES!!) and the unicorn and other beautiful. Thank you for being hostess this week. I needed this happy theme.

  10. Dear Renilde,
    the link of Tanïa doesn't work because the little 't' from the beginning slid to the endposition... here is the right one:

    And I wanna thank you for the exciting theme. Has made my mind broad.

    x Ariane.

  11. Renilde, I think this image is stunning - the spiral woman - and the verse - both so powerful. Thank you for this theme, and have a happy week. -sus

  12. Dearest Renilde, your words inspire me, they make me think deeper than me, into your words and thoughts ♥

    ps: "we meet and part again, again and over again" this evoke tears and laughter because i have been through this!

  13. yes, i think that is exactly what a lighthouse will be, if we call upon it. i also am quite sure a lighthouse is feminine, which you have illustrated most effectively.
    ps - have bought a few garden necessities today and was thinking of you. and seeds. seeds to be planted. spring hopping along, almost...

  14. Again, I love your words and it's obvious that your collages are becoming more and more special (in a good way of couse). I like it a lot.
    Thanks for all your nice comments for my collages!
    Have a nice start into this week!

  15. I love your woman lighthouse - it's a wonderful idea with beautiful details!
    :)) mano

  16. Hello dear Renilde! I love your subtle coulours, and your feminine lighthouse! In norwegian, a lighthouse is fyrtårn, the same as your vuurtoren. We have a lot of them along our coast.

  17. Fantastic- the lighthouse woman with shining hair! I love it!

  18. This reminds me of a fairytale...still unwritten...yet to be told.
    Your work is always so special!
    I was late with my lighthouse, but I finally made it.
    Happy sunday!