Tuesday, February 26, 2013

whisper and desires

the weekend was cold and snowy, 
but there are moments i can already smell Spring, 
just a hint 
my fingers itch to get out there in the garden
 and clear away the dry stems and leaves from last year,
prune the roses and plant out the pansy seedlings i sowed last year,
i long for fllowers, for bees and birds and sun on my face,

whisper and desires


  1. Me too, it's got to be soon hasn't it? :) xx

  2. soft and lambs wool post
    longings for spring

    soon enough it will be spring
    flower blossoms everywhere

    love the wallpaper....

  3. Me too, I long for longer days, for lighter clothes and mind! But soon...

  4. your wishes will come true, Renilde, you only let time pass, this is as true as for you the days will be warmer, and for me, will be colder. Ha Ha :))))))))
    Have a nice and sunny week!!!!!

  5. February is really a tough month when you live in the north :)

  6. me too! I love the picture of the little girl! :)) mano

  7. me as well! winter always feels the heaviest this time of year- just before spring begins peeking through!

    That collage is beautiful, I love the frame with in the picture, it reminds me of how I look at things in general, always picking out smaller pieces of the whole, hidden gems :)

  8. Hello Renilde! It's been so long since I've stopped over here to see what you're up to... I don't have much time to read blogs these days now that the baby is here. I really love your new painting "whispers and desires". The repeating doillie pattern is nice. I've been wanting to experiment with that sort of thing too. Hope you are well! Spring is just around the corner.

  9. whispers and desires
    Spring! xxoo, sus

  10. whisper and desires
    OH YES!
    spring come soon!!!!

    ik zag hier ook de dikke knoppen in de Helleborus
    en de tulpen komen ook al voorzichtig boven de grond
    maar de tuin is nog te nat om in te werken
    misschien volgende week....

    fijn weekend!
    Patrice A.

  11. Soon, very soon, you'll be out there with a springtime smile upon your face!
    xo Carole

  12. whispers and desires, i can feel them in your images, they send a nostalgic breeze through mine heart. the girl in the painting, with her mouth smeered, it is simply so spontaneously stunning...
    you remind me of the seeds and everything! time already? must rummage in the shed then.
    your collage is inspiring. thx very much for the wolf, renilde. she came a-knockin' on my door, last week, and i recognized your hand writing. now she's sitting on my pillow! no dust in bedroom!! ;)))