Saturday, February 9, 2013

dc stamps

dear Helen presented us with the theme 'postage stamp' this week,
i started to create a stamp which became a stamp- postcard with it's own stamp
(still following me:))
i had such fun, i couldn't stop making them, and another one and ....

next month ,bpost, the belgian post brings stamps on the market that tastes and smell of chocolate
here you can have a look at them 

please take a look at Helen's blog objects of whimsy.
for more postage stamps

Ariane and Tanïa, i hope you are feeling better

have a fine weekend


  1. oh my goodness I think you missed your vocation in life Renilde I do believe you were meant to be a postage stamp designer. Heh heh! Im overwhelmed because they are all stunning and using so many techniques I think the foxes are my favourites particularly the little foxy face (2nd to last) I really love the simple line drawing its really rather special.

    So glad you had fun so did I

    Helen x

  2. Renilde!
    what a collection!!
    like Helen says, all beautiful and
    all those techniques
    I like the one with the three flowers(?.. uienbollen) the most
    and the bird, but also the woman with the gigant flower
    and the wolf and....
    you sure had fun!

    have a lovely weekend

    Patrice A.

  3. Superbes créations!
    J'aime beaucoup la carte avec l'oiseau!

    Bises et bon weekend Renilde****

  4. Hi Renilde, this is a great idea,and the stamps/cards fabulous!!XX

  5. oh! renilde! i don't know which i like more - the postcards or the stamps!

    wonderful... : )


  6. you are fantastic, Renilde. you demonstrate your creativity, not only with one work, you can show us endless variations on the same theme!! :)

  7. Renilde you have a talent to design stamps! You could design real stamps for real countries for real people to use. These are fantastic. I adore the stamp with the dandelion seed heads especially. These are just so super-duper. Is that a wolf? Awesome, my dear. Well I would exchange correspondence with you any day of the week. You are a talent. *smiles* Norma, x

  8. Thank you so much Renilde, I'm better now, I put a stamp on the flu and sent it away... ;o)
    Your output on that theme is overwhelming, it's just a great idea to create cards as stamps, with even their own stamps on the backside! All of them so beautiful and detailed! My favourite is the dandelion card, lovely mood and colours.
    Best wishes, have a nice sunday!

  9. Dear Renilde one can see how much fun you had with your stamp collection and I would say bpost should choose you as belgiums next super stamp designer and add little chocolate taste to it - that's not the worst idea!
    In this household we desperately love belgium chocolate!!!!!
    xxx Barbara

  10. I want to buy your stamps for my letters! The ones with the dandylion sprouts are my favorite!

  11. Don't you just love when a Drawing Challenge takes hold of your mind and it takes you on a long creative trip! Renilde, I love them all! Have you thought about stamp designing as a career? xo Carole

  12. Dear Renilde, these drawings are so beautiful and intriguing I can't stop looking. Your last post, those images are amazing as well. xxoo, sus

  13. So much to look at here! You really had a good time with this one- I can see many of these as real stamps they are perfect in that way! my favorite is the fox face...and chocolate smelling stamps is a brilliant idea :)

  14. dear renilde, and for me it's such a fun to look at your wonderful stamps!
    I think, you have a new job - you will be the best belgium stamps designer!
    :)) mano

  15. What a superb bunch of stamps you've created, dear Renilde!
    with chocolate taste... delicious! take 'em all ;)

    xo Ariane.

  16. What wonderful stamps!! I too love them all. It looked like fun was had in these wonderful creations!