Wednesday, January 30, 2013

butterfly and birthday

2 already....and he's a great guy
cheerful en curly hair, like his mama

and a butterfly (remember the one in my studio)
the idea grew to make a animal picture book for the little boy
lets try ;)


  1. birthday art, butterfly, and a birthday book. love it.

  2. Oh you are so cute together! My hair, and my childrens hair, are absolutely not like this! Spiky, rather. What a brilliant idea! The book, I mean.

  3. oh!! you're both so beautiful, renilde! happy birthday to your little one...


  4. thanks Lise and Lynne, the little boy is my grandson, his mama is my stepdaughter, yes they are beautiful, aren't they, thanks :) x

  5. happy birthday to the little boy. the book sounds like a great idea :)

  6. he is so cute, the mama too! you must be very happy! I hope you'll paint this book! :)) mano

  7. oh youre so lucky Renilde he looks so adorable with his curly hair. His Mummy is very beautiful too. I remember the butterfly he's a lucky boy if he gets a storybook illustrated by you. I cant believe how much he has grown he is a real little boy now.

    Have a wonderful weekend Renilde

    Helen :)