Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cat and mouse

last week there was a mouse in our house, mice give me the creeps,
they are allright outside but they really scare me running through the rooms
i decided to take it as an indication; 
the owl, hare and fox got the company of a mouse (a wood mouse)
and when you say mouse, you also think cat
when i say mouse i also remember the 'mice stairs' i used to make
in my childhood

 yesterday  a butterfly was fluttering against  my studio window, it must
have been hibernating there somewhere but woke up way too soon, nothing but snow outside
(butterfly painting in the making now)


  1. me gusta mucho la pintura donde se ve al ratón con la piña, incluso quitando el ratón, con los dos detalles y el fondo me es suficiente.

  2. lovely to find you take things as they come. that is reassuring.
    mouse? cat? oorghhghghg.

  3. so funny! in german we say "hexentreppe" instead of mice stairs. but now I don't know how to fold, I'll look to google...
    I love your mouse, your cat (and the poor butterfly - I think, he is cold!). but I'm sure, your painting of him will be beautiful too! :)) mano

  4. a picture of your working desk, I like that,
    interesting where your inspiration comes from.
    what will come next to visit your place and to become a part of an artwork?
    x Stefanie

  5. i don´t think i would like to find a mouse in my house, urghhh. love your blue cat and also the blue fox in your previous post :)

  6. Poor butterfly, though at least it was appreciated by an artist upon its transformation! You have turned mouse fear into inspiration.

  7. The butterfly is am amazing apparition.
    We made those foldings too, as kids, from gum wrappers but I never hear them called mouse stairs - very apt.

  8. what a beautiful butterfly and your artwork Renilde gorgeous despite your fear of mice.
    You need my cat Tilly she is very little and a bit snooty but shes a mighty fine rat wrestler! I wont elaborate Im sure you get the picture ;)

  9. the butterfly is quite magical.
    i don't like to have mice in the house. our cats usually make sure the only mice i see are dead ones. i'm not sure i like that either.