Saturday, January 19, 2013

dc crown

(you can click to enlarge)

whom the crown fits,.....

this weeks theme came from wonderful artist Stefanie,
please take a look at her place to find more crowns

(my collage actually needs some more pressing) 

have a beautiful weekend


  1. wow a moving image, I mean there is moving inside... enlarged it and yes, it is great, there is such a pretty black paper. It is a feeling like they are waiting and it is windy and it is just a moment of silence and than...?
    thanks for playing dear Renilde and for commenting!
    x Stefanie

  2. wonderful, dear renilde! I love each detail of you collage - most the mask man! :)) mano

  3. Great artwork, so much room for interpretation! Also love the first picture, the effect of transparency and background is just beautiful!

  4. hey Renilde, (master of collage)
    I love your figures of one color without volume
    Somehow it reminded me of Henri Matisse
    Congratulations friend!

  5. Yes waiting but movement. Lovely collage, so much to explore. Beautifully done!

  6. very poignant Renilde and perhaps current to our history too...I am secretly giggling at the character with the pink glasses- :)

  7. Really interesting work wonderful forms and colours. I like your use of collage in your artwork Renilde you use it in a painterly way. Always so many stories to interpret in the imagery very compelling. The colours are wow too.

    Love it

    Helen :)

  8. Dear Renilde,
    I love the first pic... its the dimension with the crown and thread and the lamps (?) structure behind!
    Even your collage... the mystery situation, this waiting and this humour... is great. Figure with pink glasses on seems to know he is the secretly King...

    x Ariane.

  9. mysterious and with the wind blowing
    like it does today around our house
    what I like about your work is that
    there is a story inside, every time
    this time I am intrigued by the wolf-like-figure....

    Patrice A.

  10. I really like your interpretation of this theme: how they want that crown and worship it...It's a dangerous thing! And that one figur with the crown aboce his head: maybe he has the crown and the power, but they want a new one: does he have to give it up? So much interpreations! Love it!

  11. Sympa, tes collages, Renilde et vraiment réussis.



  12. Your cut outs are beautiful. I love the looking through crown (top) and how the others gather like around a powerful fire.

  13. Well done, Renilde, Princess of Collage!

  14. Well, this collage stirs my thoughts and emotions, Renilde.
    Wonderful and sort of a bit scary.

  15. Dear Renilde, I like your free a littlebit chaotic and wild looking collage, which is at the same time sensuas and telling a mysterious story (like always in your work).