Saturday, April 21, 2012

Drawing challenge / A pair of...

A pair of....; connected, one incomplete without the other,
intended to stay together, 2 = optimal function,°°°°°

wondering about that one  shoe left by the roadside
frustrated at not finding the other glove on a cold winterday
a mother who donates one of her kidneys to her son
having only one eye is natural for a cyclop
what does an angel do when he loses a wing?

.....and i read somewhere goats can die of loneliness

dear Helen of objects of whimsy made me pondering °°°° about 
an intriguing theme, please take a look at her lovely blog for more pairs

 this is the image i had to paint and i had to convince myself
not to use blue this time (pretty difficult for me:)

wishing you all a pair of happy weekend days


  1. Oh Renilde...when I saw that writing about the goat and loneliness ! I think about that often with birds and animals...that we are so connected in ways that are a mystery at times...this is what your painting gives me :)

  2. dear renilde, this is a wise AND beautiful post! and of course: I love goats! but only a pair... xx mano

  3. dear Renilde,

    your words, your beautiful words
    and that goat, ahhh....
    I have heard that more often
    about animals which die when their partner is gone
    the theme made me think
    in a totally other direction


  4. Dear Renilde,
    yes, your wonderful words.
    And... in fact that you've chosen to paint without blue, you're including blue with the orange, that complementary colour to blue. A pair of colours.
    Even the black shades bind their partner, don't they?
    Today I've seen my neighbor in his car, driving in a parking place. I've nodded a regard, then looking at the place for the co-driver... empty... his wife died some months ago, but/and is still present.

    Great painting!


  5. "goats can die of loneliness" oh poor thing... :(

    then i wont buy one goat.

  6. especial esta pintura que quiere ser collage. muy especial, así como tus palabras.

  7. Hello, Renilde, I like your work!!!!

  8. dear renilde, i love goats!! and i adore your collage of pairs.
    love julia, the happy brand new owl - earring - owner;)

  9. well can i say i almost miss your blue? i didn't know that aboout goats either, and there's a lot more to find out about goats in that movie, with george clooney, of all people. apparantly, staring at goats, ... etc... ;)))
    i like this peeling away the one from the other in your painting.

  10. Renilde

    I love this and I have a thing about goats my brother and sister are both capricorns and quite 'goatlike' heehee!

    Your first drawing is beautiful and minimal but I love how you bring colour and vibrance into the theme with the following images.

    I love these challenges and keeping company with such talented souls!

    Helen :)

  11. This is a lovely post, Renilde. I'm so glad your goat found a friend in the bottom photo. Your painting is full of colour. Disconnected pairs have a sadness about them but they make me crazy when I'm doing laundry!

  12. Yes, Renilde.. a pair is stronger in any form..
    Even only one shoe, one glove or whatever is lost!!
    I love the way you draw for this challenge...

  13. I love goats. I am a Capricorn and have always felt a connection. Thanks for the interesting post!