Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Brocanting and thrifting

1.  couldn't leave him behind, could i ? even without antlers.
2.  giant bubble shape bottle, garden maybe?
3. no, i'm not planning a grand trip.
4. blue, oh blue.
5.  if i find some time....


  1. Good pics, Renilde
    there are things we keep, for love
    there are things we left out in the open, perhaps neglected.
    It's nice to fantasize about travel, I like
    Colors, blue, green, red, life, are colors
    And time ... I would like to know where my time is hidden (?)

  2. pieces of life
    gathered and shined
    returned to their special

    life is art.....but then you know this by heart.

  3. widow is really good!
    part I of this book has been put to film, THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR, with jeff bridges in it! it's a good'un. enjoy that read, i think you will!
    oh, and dead jealous of antless deer!!

  4. No, you could not have left the deer behind. He needed a loving home!

  5. I like thrifting and I seem to have as much fun seeing what others find as I do finding something myself, so I very much enjoyed your post! Such great items! Thank you for you comments on my blog. I appreciate them so much!