Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drawing challenge / Earthly

Being quite a dreamer, often head in the clouds,
i got no problem relating to dear Patrice's theme.
Every time working in my garden, touching that soil,
i feel very 'earthly', i recognize the connection with those 
time layers build out of dust.
It has a strange but calming effect on me knowing that all
of us will become part of that dust in the end, all of us
earthly creatures.

Please take a look at Patrice's wonderful blog  for more earthly pleasures created by this week's participants.

And have happy weekend X


  1. Renilde....
    wat een prachtige woorden
    en wat een mooi beeld
    die handen en voeten geworteld
    de bol die ontspruit
    het raakt me

    thank you very much
    dear dreamer!


  2. Renilde, I love your colors and the touch of the earth, lovely post, thank you!

  3. After reading your true words,
    dear Renilde,
    it was very clearly to me that I need a garden!
    For the same reason you've told us: touching that soil, make a feeling of 'earthly', I know...
    Your painting affirms that feeling of sensual pleasure and beeing connected with all (gone and present).
    Never felt that calming feeling that all of us will beeing part of that earth, dust... but now.
    Thank you, dear.

    x Ariane.

  4. beautiful, dear renilde! I can totally understand your words and your painting - I love to grub in my garden, too! x mano

  5. I love your post: The pictures, the painting, the words. Yes, it´s good to do gardening, so important to be in contact with dear mother earth!
    Nice to meet you

  6. Great photos of touching the earth! Getting into the garden and mucking is something I look forward to after the wet winters. I love your painting with the hands and feet as roots going into the earth. And the piece of earthenware is perfect!

  7. i love mucking about in the earth with bare hands and feet.. it's so healing.
    and i love your painting..the colours..layers..the seed..and those rooting fingers. beautiful x

  8. What a beautiful post have mesmerized me with your black and white photos..the hands and feet and rebirth and death all in a poem! i love your art and the ripples and layers and the figure with hands in cool!! Gorgeous!!
    PS; i love the garden is a blessing to create with earth

  9. Renilde

    wow! I was very interested to see what your response to the challenge would be as your work is so light and whimiscal.....but somehow you have made earthly solid and transparent, light and heavy at the same time and the figure with spread fingers like roots of a tree. Great imagery and depth in meaning.

    I love the contrasty photos as well.

    I really enjoyed this post Renilde
    thnx for popping over to my blog too!

    Helen :)

  10. i am stunned with the offering art today. we are blooming this spring, as the ever faithful gardens.
    stellar art my dear faraway friend.

    hands and feet in the soil, feel the earth beneath your feet. sigh......

    thank you, for sharing.

    ((hugs)) from a friend to a friend.....

  11. the small earth creature - so wonderfully touching! and love the sunny b/w pics!

    and your words - inspiring to me!


  12. me gustan los diferentes colores que has elegido para la tierra.

    agradecer a la tierra el alimento: somos lo que comemos

  13. Very strong and deep drawing.

  14. so true, and i love the first pictures with the mud :-)

    love your painting!

  15. It does feel something special digging into the soil in the garden. so satisfying, and yes, so connecting.
    the kids have been digging holes and filling them with water and enjoying the bliss of MUD!
    As always. your painting is gorgeous in earthy colors and I love how the hands and feet are as roots.
    I am so sleepy and without many words, but I am moved by your photos and art.
    I hope you are well. We are enjoying your paintings in our home now. They make me smile.

  16. BEAUTIFUL DRAWINGS ! You could customize a lot of things withs this designs, have you ever thought about this?
    Love your painting !


  17. just wonderful, so pure and true! love, julia

  18. I love this- really captures the emotion of earthy- beautiful colors and the playing in the mud! Awesome :)

  19. Prachtige foto's, prachtig schilderij! Ik hou er ook van om lekker met mijn handen in de aarde te wroeten....

  20. Magnificent post, Renilde! The words and the images too - there is a reason we always talk about needing to feel "grounded" or when we are lost or confused in life that we feel "rootless." It is so important to be connected to the earth not just in theories or beliefs, but physically, and you have captured this so well!

  21. Hiya! I am curious if you have a lot of subscribers to your journal?