Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drawing challenge Garden

 Attempt to picture one of many enjoyable  moments in my garden.

summerday evening
daylight fading
still pleasantly warm

bird singing to another bird
other bird answers
green deepens
low flapping bats

patches of white flowers 
glowing in the growing dusk (that very image!!)

fragant clouds coming 

in the distance i hear my name called 

ssssh just a few more minutes

For more garden pleasure please visit:

Thanks sweeties for particpating and have a beautiful weekend xx


  1. aw, renilde, this is stunning. just what i have in mind for my tiny spot under the sun, and i mean it, i could do with your insights on behalf of gardening, a.o. ...
    the colours here are nightly goodly. such intimacy, it is moving. yes, oh yes! i can imagine, every word you've spoken. it is comforting to read us humans aren't so different after all... ;)))
    postcard ànd poster material, renilde!!

  2. Oh Renilde, you are in green garden: so lovely and fresh! Thank you for the nice theme:)

  3. gardens are filled with magic, stunning painting.

    love the story poem too.

    your blog calls my name.

  4. Ahh,
    dear Renilde,
    I sigh with pleasure, again and again, during reading your words.
    Every single image of Mrs. Garden I have saved and now, yes, thank you dear, and now is it like real.
    Stunning atmosphere... that shimmering white flowers... ah, just a few more minutes, please... wonderful painting.

    Thank you. A really lovely theme!


  5. Wow Renilde..always so beautiful in your world...this piece is fantastical..inspirational.. and also makes me feely very peaceful and uplifting...i love the softness, the colors of nature and the energy of the figure in this scene! your poetic words sing to my beautiful and so blissful!

  6. Dear Renilde, love your "mother earth" looking at her beautiful garden.
    The way the garden covers her as a blanket, is drawn so so beautifully..xx

  7. "garden" is really a wonderful theme. there are so many inspirations - colours, smells, sounds... your picture and your words show all these impressions, it's so beautiful, magical and a little bit mystical. yes: you are my mrs garden! xx mano
    ps: my fav book: "the secret garden" - I read it from time to time...

  8. your image both visual nad in words is ful of atmosphere and poesy. I love it: )

  9. vestirse con el olor de una noche de verano y un jardín... grata sensación.

  10. wonderful! the spirit of the garden. love!

  11. mmm....
    I can picture your garden
    the white flowers glowing in the growing dusk
    beautiful images
    beautiful words!

    lovely theme
    and fine, fine, painting
    I love those shades of greyish green

    love Patrice A.

  12. hello! i am so sad i missed the last 2 themes...but what a pleasure to visit everyone's gardens!
    beautiful portrait of the mother earth and her lovely garden robe. so gentle and comforting with all the greens and promise of new life.

  13. I do love working in the garden right into dusk. It is a magical time, a transformation in the day and in the garden.
    Your woman is so enveloped in her garden, I find it so peaceful and like I said before, it makes me want to be in my own little garden back home. Even if it's just to yank out some weeds.

  14. my dear renilde, so i missed another drawing challenge, but gladly i can visit all your wonderful gardens/words.
    so so very lovely! xox julia

  15. Lovely garden! I missed this too but thankyou for sharing the links here. :)
    Jess xx

  16. So beautiful - you are part of the garden as it is a part of you!