Saturday, December 3, 2011

drawing challenge / vacation

Far away
Vast beaches, palm trees swaying in a salty breeze,
long walks, listening to the sound of the sea, becoming part of that sea,
reading books, reading a few paragraphs and letting them
penetrate the mind even deeper watching out across the water,
total rest.
This is a vacation image i use sometimes when i can't get to sleep.
It usually works :)

Laying in a field of poppies in a summer garden
may just have that effect.

The beautiful and cute Greta made us go on vacation,
take a look at where we all headed.

Happy weekend! x


  1. the painting with the poppies is gorgeous!!! i love poppies! its my favourite flower.... so delicate and so strong : )

  2. Dear Renilde,

    first: Message from Rachel via iPhone: 'Greta and I won't be able to post by the morning'. Because of a storm, internet is down at their house.
    So, she ask me to filling in for her as our host. I do.

    It works...
    I slow down while looking at your paintings, feel the soft breeze on my skin, taking deep breathes.
    Laying (naked!)in a field of poopies must be wonderful!
    Thank you,
    x Ariane.

  3. those poppies!!!!
    I can imagine that it feels great
    to lay down in a bed of poppies


  4. your vacation pictures and words let me dream!
    x mano

  5. Well now, you have given me beauty, art, mystery, vacation imaginations, something to help me sleep, all wide open in my creative spirit. I'd say this is a perfect post.

    Lady Poppy Dreams is out of this world special.

    Loving the new header too.

    Thank you, for sharing. Happy weekend.

  6. to be immersed in a field of poppies, that would certainly do it for me too, if not for the hallucinating effect alone... ;)))
    bedazzled i'd feel, instead of christmas cranberries; fiery red poppies!

  7. has pintado lo que un día escribí sobre mi último viaje. mi último sueño. es como me gustaría que fuese.

    curioso. exactamente así.

  8. those poppies are so gorgeous Renilde :)

  9. I love love love love the field of poppies. This wouldn''t be for sale would it?. I'd even be happy to buy a print. Just glorious!


  10. These two images make me very peaceful and happy inside!