Saturday, December 10, 2011

Drawing challenge / Rush

'Time flies,
 is there something wrong with the hands of that clock,
would i still have to rush when a day counted more than 24 hours
is it the world i live in, 
a world that dictates that time is money,
have we been put in a treadmill without even noticing it
what's wrong with them?
what's wrong with me?
 is there sometthing wrong with me?
where is the way out?
i don't want to RUSH!!!!'

Wishing you all a relaxed and stress- free weekend, please take your time and have a look at more 'rush';
our Queen of the castle at the Eisenbach,  Ariane,  is our lovely host this week. xxx


  1. Oh, dear Renilde,
    your very kind! Thank you for the lovely introducing.
    You've got pretty timepieces!
    And your painting... well, the painting is great! and it seems to me that the woman is a selfportrait? (the boots... I adore!)
    The moving power clock with the arms and legs as clock-hands... the body as a sand glass... those teeth... really scary!

    Its a challenge to find the balance for time! And: One is the boss...

    All in good time: I wish you a relaxed and cosy weekend.

    xo Ariane.

  2. I echo your sentiment. and your images are so telling. i like the way she looks back at time, and time is looking rather ferocious.
    making a conscience effort to sloooooow down... a must.

    love your painting.

  3. oh, horrid, five to twelve! ta-ra-tataa...., but you have portrayed time flies / bites pretty well.
    honey? i like your outfit!

  4. que pare el tren! la vida quiere bajarse

  5. Your words are so true and I really love how you're be chasing by the time worriers! Have a relaxed weekend! Barbara

  6. uhuuaaah,
    dear renilde, the timekiller/clock is really scary, we have to bite back!
    my dear friend, of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with YOU!!!
    love, julia

  7. it could be me!
    looking at the time
    and being in a big rush
    I will slow down
    I will

    you captured it beautifully
    in words and drawing

  8. what a creative post! your words, pictures and the painting are great.
    but your running clock set me a little bit off laughing, its such a funny drawing! thank you so much! x mano

  9. Thank you so much for all you're heartwarming comments.

    dear Ariane, yes you spotted it well, there is some similarity and i love my boots :)


  10. This painting is so whimsical and so scary at the same time! I know that menacing clock all too well! Beautiful work, as always, food for the eye and the mind.