Thursday, December 8, 2011


In between working, painting and other stuff, i carried down the boxes
Boxes that are stored in the small storage room upstairs.
The 'christmas boxes' filled with stars and tinsel ,decorations made over the years,
collected old baubles, reminders of many winters passed by.

December memories of other houses and places,
 creative ones, lazier ones, crazy and more silent ones,
happy ones, it is all there, preseved in those boxes.
There is also a kind of hope in them, a longing for warm, sparkling evenings
to get us through this cold and darkest time of year.

And even more hope, utopia perhaps,
 for world peace and food and shelter and christmas lights
for every living soul.
However, each time again, opening the boxes is bringing some magic into the house,
and i love some magic.


  1. Yay...wishing you lots of magic from all your boxes! Such a beautiful post..I always love visiting your unique world..beautiful art and photos and treasures!You are Magnificent!
    Wishing you a beautiful day friend!

  2. ... and it looks like you are having some pretty magical Christmas decoration stuff... i am joining you in the utopia

  3. loving every bit of your mild utopia and a boxing fox!
    or is this a woolf???

  4. We must to believe in this utopia, which is what pushes us forward every year again!

  5. I love foxy!

    Christmases past, memories as warm as a crackling fire, sipping cocoa and remembering it all.

    Thank you for sharing, I like a lot of magic.

  6. great foxy, beautiful mini theatre, wonderful boxes!

  7. Thanks,

    yes Roberto you are right, where are we without hope, thank you, x

    dear Woolfie, it is meant to be a fox, i have been watching a documentary aboout white woolves and artic foxes, i began to sketch in front of the tv, now i have an image in my head of a fox and blue daisies and ice flowers :) x

  8. Thank you for opening such worlds in such small containers and sharing - I can feel the magic here!