Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday in my studio

First sketch in colour



  1. Wow!! Absolutely stunning and poetic...and makes me want to journey and follow this beautiful soul into a dreamland! I also love the photo of your studio..and sketch..very inspiring! You always add magic and powerful metaphor to my life..thankyou friend!
    Exquisite piece..

  2. never tried gouache before... is it hard??
    i like your studio, i wish i could have one my own :(


  3. very poetic... those little blue flowers falling down like snow... and the detail on his leg. i love it. the blues on your paintings have a smothing effect on me : )

  4. Hmmm, I like seeing these two pictures next to each other, makes me smile.

    your studio space is lovely to see as well...little peek into where you work is fun!

  5. ha, ha, ha... makes me smile too.
    fancy a fox'n'tattoo...

  6. Thank you

    Dear Mita,like every medium, gouache has its own possibilities and difficulties, it's by using them you learn to know them.
    And it is also a matter of the atmosphere,the image you want to create and how you feel by using a certain medium.
    I like the substance quality, it smears nice, one can use it in thin or thicker layers, you can paint in away you use acrylics or oils or more watery.
    (tip: when you mix a colour, try it first because drying up, the colours slightly change)
    Give it a try Mita, maybe you get surprised. xx

  7. this is lovely. lovely. lovely. lovely. those blue flowers as snow, so gentle. and a very romantic scene inside.

  8. Wow - what a beautiful painting!!! the snow, this super fox expression, his posture...-love love love!!!

  9. oh, I love the foxy, he looks so funny. I think, he loves the beautiful blue flowers!

  10. Hello, great pleasure to go through your beautiful space, I wanted to greet you this holiday season, so you can understand the reading I have a translator on my blog Brisa poetic
    Happy Holidays!
    a hug.

  11. I love his beautiful paw! The blue looks lovely against the grey background and the way you've painted the snow, I could almost touch it! :o)
    Jess xx

  12. Gorgeous! I so love your dreamy paintings, wish the world looks like that. Like Gabriella said: you have a very special blue, which i love about your paintings.
    Sweet greetz!