Saturday, December 17, 2011

Drawing challenge/ Hat

Beautiful Greta has chosen this weeks theme, and it's a great one,
but with too little time i  only can show you my sketch now,
i will put it in colour one of the following days.

Below, two watercolors i made years ago, illustrations for a 
children's book about a milliner who made a hat on which the moon
said a magic spell.

Have a great weekend!! xx


  1. HI Renilde! So beautiful!your illustrations are gorgeous!Wonderful photos!

  2. mmmm....
    I love them
    your sketch
    and the wonderful illustrations

    happy weekend!

  3. what a pretty treasure! ♥

    happy weekend, xxoo

    ps: thanks for the tips!!!!

  4. As always, I love your art. You are so inspired.

  5. Enchanting!
    dear Renilde... 'a hat on which the moon
    said a magic spell.' sounds fantastic!
    Your water colour is great. I really admire your play with light and shadow. And colour!

    And your sketch with the winter-scene-hat makes me really nosy...

    I wish you a cosy sunday,
    x Ariane.

  6. wow, what an amazing promise. i kinda really like the landscape, from-here-upside-down-scenery hat! lovely to see it under scaffolding like so, and am looking forward to the next stage! ...

  7. your watercolour picture is so amazing - so beautiful hats! and now I'm curious about the winter hat - colours!

  8. Renilde, I just love your illustrations! I like the sound of that children's book, too. That must have been an exciting project. Have you illustrated many children's books? You have such a gift.
    And thank you for your encouraging comments to Greta...I love how you say... " Keep drawing!" She loves to draw, always has. I hope she continues to always find joy in it throughout her life, like you do.

  9. Ohh my love all those watercolors, your drawings are amazing, love your sketch too, can't wait to see it in color!

    Happy monday!

  10. Thank you so much, your comments make me feel happy, xx

    Dear Rachel, i wish and hope that too for Greta.
    I've loved drawing from childhood on too and yes i have always considered it a great joy and even a way of life.

    These illustrations were made for a contest, the winner had his/hers published, but i was not the lucky one :(
    It was very interesting though, we had to write a story and illustrate it in a rather short time.
    I never took it to another publisher.