Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A horse called southern breeze

what started as a curve....


  1. a blue house, a blue horse - the dark blue sky - what a wonderful colour! great curve result!

  2. what a wonderful little painting. fabulous!

  3. again, dear Renilde,
    I wanna be that woman... dreamy painting.

    And your new header reminds me on holiday. I love your field, that stroke of brush... delicious.

    - do you know the new theme? Its 'VACATION' and our host will be Greta the Adventurer, daughter of touring Rachel.

    x Ariane.

  4. me too!
    wanting to be that woman
    it is beautiful....

  5. i love this kind of 'before & after'. puts the equation in a total new perspective, i'll say.

    and i still have the feeling i could just lie myself down in the curve of that horse (whilest horse and me aren't necessarily mates - i could get over that!). reading the comments, i see i have competition at wanting to be that woman.... ;)

    header is hopper-esque, catching the light.
    to my liking!!

  6. I too love the new header - a house I would like to live and dream in! I also love the new painting that began as a curved line. It seems the first version already had so much feeling in it with the contrast and connection of the woman in repose and the horse moving forward - but the colors bring it to life!

  7. I like this!!!!
    A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! :)