Saturday, November 12, 2011

Drawing / Outer space

Not feeling well at all and dealing with pain i felt like being somewhere else,
the world around faded and i found myself in another state of mind,
another space.
I only found out this morning Rachels theme : Outer space,
:)  i feel like just returning.

I got this postcard the other day.
Pech de Bugarach , aha, outer space!

i wish you to find yourselves in happy spaces this weekend


  1. love the painting... and the card!!!
    happy spaces for you too : )

  2. i'm so sorry you're dealing with pain. but the painting is lovely. (isn't it interesting that in english the words pain and painting are so close)?
    i hope your weekend is wonderful

  3. Renilde, I'm so sorry to hear you've been in pain, that's a miserable place to be. You deserve to be in a happy space. I make a wish to send you there today. :)
    Jess x x

  4. Very sorry to hear you are still not well. I am sending you positive energy for a quick recovery! Meanwhile, in spite of dealing with pain and wishing yourself elsewhere, your painting is beautiful!

  5. Yes, dear Renilde,
    your painting is beautiful. Wonderful water colors and very close to your feeling of another space (often its the inner space).
    All the best for you.
    x Ariane
    PS. I've taken a photo of an UFO, too! In Hamburg, Germany...

  6. i was wondering how you are, whether you're feeling better. i hope you are progressing, in the right direction. [the only way is up]
    you got there a dreamy outer spacey poster up, above! reminds me of star wars, for some reason. ;)))

  7. I do hope you (slowly) feeling better
    like Nadine, had to think of you
    what a fine painting you made!
    I like the soft colors
    almost fainting as if it is not real....


  8. Thank you, Renilde, for tuning back in! I have been out of the loop as well this week, buried in chores and so much unpacking and adjusting. I just read of your injury and am so sorry to hear this! It sounds awful and I just wish you the quickest of recoveries. Rest, rest, and more rest!
    Your painting is great! I love the earthy tones and those odd looking characters all white, so curious.

    Get well! You're in my thoughts.


  9. dear Renilde

    may I invite you for this weeks challenge....

  10. great, great painting! I love it. :-))

  11. Love all in this post, your painting and the card!
    Hope you feel better soon Renilde!