Monday, November 14, 2011

A story of a key and a heart

Last month, October 14th, i was visiting and reacting on your wonderful blogs.
I also visited  Mano's blog.
Reading her post of that day, Sammelsurium, my attention was caught by a beautiful old key.
A key bearing the initals G W.
These were the initials of my father who passed away October 2008, i spontaneously wrote her that.
The key opened a memory room in my head (that room is opened regularly, but not by a key).

This morning a packet arrived.
A packet with German stamps, a packet from Mano.
I was very surprised. Excited i opened the packet....and there it was... the key.
Mano made a beautiful small work of art .

She wrote 'The key belongs to you, i think! '

Emotions overwhelmed me, i felt deeply moved and still do.
I felt like Alice, i felt a caring heart, i felt sun, i felt love.

This is a key story i will never forget.

Dear Mano, thanks again, you are a lovely lady!
Your gift will be cherished.

My father and me.

My father, smaller sister and me.


  1. I'm so happy that you like YOUR key! thank you for sharing your photos! xx mano

  2. that brought tears to my eyes...
    there are such wonderful people in this world!

    people we would never meet if it wasnt for blogging : )

  3. Oh this brought tears to my eyes too. What a wonderful caring and loving gesture.

  4. what a beautiful wonderful story and gesture. and what beautiful person mano must be. i love the photos of your dad. the giant slide reminds me of me and my dad when i was little.

  5. How lovingly!
    Dear Renilde,
    truly a key for a treasure.

    x Ariane.

  6. Mano has a giant and generous heart. This exchange puts tears in my eyes.
    Not only for the kindness in the giving, but the love father and daughter relationship. Those photos are wonderful. I see big smiles and warmth. Precious. I missed my dad growing up but I have him now. I don't dwell on what was missed, just appreciate that I have him now and that he is still with me.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Hoping you are feeling well. :)

  7. what a wonderful story! for both the giver and the receiver :)
    The photos of you and your Dad are precious! especially the one on the slide- I just love!

  8. lovely little tale about the serendipitous random act of destiny and kindness. i beleive your father did indeed have a hand in that!
    i enjoyed catching up on your blog - sorry to hear you are feeling bad. i love your little red still life painting with the sheep. did you do that from the couch? i am always impressed by your devotion to your art. i get so busy i can hardly sit still to do.
    be well dear Renilde!
    xo stephanie

  9. Thank you!

    Yes Stephanie, i did that sheep painting from the couch, only this one, it's better to sit back at my table :) xx

  10. oh dear renilde this is to touching and heartwarming, lovely and sad...
    the fotos are so special! i am happy for you because you got that key and yes, mano is a wonderful lady! xxx julia

  11. So very beautiful! Very sweet of Mano to send you this key! I read it with tears in my eyes! Love you!

  12. Wow,beautiful !! what an amazing post! Hugs!