Saturday, November 19, 2011

Drawing / Lucky Bird

Sometimes we have to smooth out the wrinkles
and rediscover the lucky bird.

Outside it's dark,
the darkness of long winternights.
A lonely rose still blooming,
a brave bird still singing.
My house is warm and safe.
I sit and paint
I gaze at the moon
I talk to friends
near and far.
Stories are woven,
 passion lives here.
A lucky bird 
flying in and out,
but not leaving .

Please take a look at the other lucky birds,
the very talented Patrice will show you were they are nesting.
Happy weekend ! xx


  1. i love your lucky bird story and painting...
    the lucky girls eyes are exceptional...

    leave your lucky bird come and go;
    it needs its freedom
    only in freedom it will stay with you forever : )

    xo xo xo

  2. I love your words, the bird flying too and fro. In freedom we can release our heart to where it truly belongs. :)
    Jess x x

  3. Renilde, what a lovely story and bird ... wow :)

  4. ... 'but not leaving',
    dear Renilde,
    such blessing!
    Wonderful lines, as your paintings.
    LUCKY... BIRD... together.

    x Ariane.

  5. nice drawings renilde...
    i love the line and the use of red. and white.

  6. Dear Renilde, love your story and your painting it's so real and colorful, like everything in this post!

  7. Lady bugs and Lucky birds gather universal energy, fly in and about us, sprinkling us with lucky dust.

    Many of your paintings a filled with mystery and hidden gifts.

    Thank you, happy weekend.


  8. Love your story of the season at your place, I especially love your lines
    "My house is warm and safe.
    I sit and paint
    I gaze at the moon"
    Lovely art also.

  9. lieve Renilde,

    vandaag weer geen zin om te vertalen
    ik vind je woorden prachtig, vooral die eerste zin blijft rondzingen in mijn hoofd
    ik kan je zien zitten, stil, kijkend, schilderend, een geluksvogel

    mooi, mooi

  10. las diferentes formas de compartir una idea. un vuelo.

  11. Wow..very powerful and moving..gorgeous work and beautiful words...magnificent post Renilde!

  12. Dear Renilde, love you art work! beautifully done...and wonderful words...xx

  13. dear renilde, i can see you sitting there, in a warm and safe atmosphere...
    so wonderful, heartwarming, your words AND work!! love julia

  14. renilde! how lovely, your home scenery.
    this is what we do, isn't it?
    such a good feeling too, to feel lucky, always feel lucky, with what we've got...
    very you!

    may i invite you to : curve