Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tempting the muse

January is my least favorite month, each year moving the christmas tree 
outside i  feel like also my inspiration leaves me.
Not my energy, but my muse seems to take a long walk, vacation or
she is just tired and goes to sleep for awhile.

Last week i was very lucky to receive a beautiful package from Rachel,
 among it's lovely contents were two chocolate 'golden' coins.
Would it be possible to seduce the muse,
would she return faster and understand the magic of these coins....


  1. Rachel reaches out to us
    sending her lovely packets around
    like your woman is reaching out
    I love your painting
    just the way it is now


  2. coins do work, i am so convinced, all that glittering, tempting!!
    [thxs for the lovely new year's card, my favourite painting of last winter!]

  3. renilde, this painting is wonderful and "ready"! i'm deeply touched by this scene, there is so much i can feel in this scene! love, julia

  4. there is indeed a lot of emotion on your painting... please don`t change it!
    its simply perfect the way it is

  5. I know how you feel about January. We are keeping our tree up and decorated as long as possible and I am dreading the first night we no longer have its warm company and bright lights to end the day. It will feel so empty! But already you have found your way out of the gloom, so I have hope!