Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Story stick

At these long winter evenings i love to sit on the couch by the open fire
 with a sketchbook on my lap.
Listening to cd's or tv, dreaming away looking into the flames,  images come and go
and some find their way onto the paper.
Some simply stay there, 
some have the potential to become a gouache or a painting or something else...

This small scribbling  became a gouache.


  1. Oh Renilde, this is one of my favorites. It touches me in a way I can't describe. Thank you for showing its humble beginnings!

  2. Dear Renilde,
    so wonderful! Mystic, poetic and wise...
    The scribbling and the painting reminds me on a totem pole. They have the same spiritual natur.

    x Ariane.

  3. I'll echo Ariane...that was my thought too- such an old way of telling a story that keeps it's magic - love seeing your process! xo-

  4. i can only say, wow! to that.
    lovely to look at your process.
    a process which is so very different to any next person.
    from sketch to gouache.
    what a wonder, and loving it too.
    weirdly lovable.

  5. dear renilde, i love to "see" you sitting there on your sofa, a little bit in the real world and at the same time in your own. i always love to look at sketches! love julia

  6. fine sketches and your blue ladies always fascinate me : )

  7. Amazing life totem! Fantastic chain of events a garden of life.

  8. Dear Renilde,

    Your sketches are beautiful, and the blue lady with the head-totem is very mysteries...love the colors you've used...

  9. your sketches are fantastic and the blue lady lives in a mystic environment - so beautiful!!

  10. i love that little acorn at the below...