Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drawing Challenge / Another Roadside Attraction

The challenge theme this week,  choosen by the beautiful poetic Demie
wasn't an easy one.
I love riding through the country side but what i see there (quite beautiful  but perhaps a bit dull to show here)

Once i got the idea though, of making a collage of a photo
and a painting i had such fun , i also applied the idea on some older
work (the ones below)

For more roadshow attractions please take a look at myParaphernalia
Demie's lovely blog.
Thanks Demie!



  1. dear Renilde i f i met your lovely blue dressed ladies by the road i would cetrainly turn my head to look and admire them!

    i also like a lot! the roadside attraction that gets blown by the wind : )
    -i wouldn`t like to meet a tiger by the road though ; )

    thanks for joining

  2. you have such an creative mind
    I like the way you put the two things together
    your paintings and the roadside-pictures
    just great!!!

  3. Renilde, very clever combinations! I particularly like the one with the person walking along carrying the umbrella while the goose watches. All are beautiful. Greetings from across the sea.

  4. variety the spice of life
    and art
    combine what fits
    makes us

    good job renilde

  5. mhmmm! delightful!!
    oh the mind works wonders, and so does your action!
    i find the contrast between the swift railway lines and those african ladies (are they?) so invigorating... and i find the very last one just daring! :)))

  6. wonderful work renilde! love all the collages.

  7. your attractions are so beautiful, great idea!! - I particularly love the woman with umbrella. Hope I see her next time driving by car... ;-)

  8. dear Renilde,

    What an wonderful full of imagination attraction you've created!
    Love they all - the African women, the women with an umbrella and the duck that looking at here and the floating angel- your works are beautiful!

    BY the way, something completely different, I saw that in every time you leave a comment on my blog you don't put a link to your there problem ? maybe I can change some setting for you...?

  9. Dear Renilde - thanks for visiting my post. Love your collages, they have a mystical quality. Is it an angel or Demie's nymph?

  10. I liked your attraction! The mix of photo and paint is very good

  11. Renilde, I love the blue ladies:)