Thursday, January 12, 2012


The same night i published the previous post, i finished 'the two coins'
Later, reading your encouraging comments i was glad i didn't change or add too much .
Just some red to the girl's dress, she is a passioned girl after all.
I suppose the muse may be closer than i know ;)

Today in the garden hope only grew, some things are moving there, 
slowly but so wonderful.
I even discovered a 'peace' stick on a bed of moss.

And the ghost of the daffodil  already roams around, still very thin and airy.


  1. oh yes! I think the muse is already in your garden! yesterday I saw MY first snowdrops, they make me happy!

  2. Beautiful photo of the green flower - I really like it. I'm happy your muse is constantly with you, your work has a very nice peaceful quality about it. I guess these are the colours and the shapes you create..

  3. I love to see these signs of spring. Is that being presumptuous? We hardly notice the changing of the seasons in southern California. It's boring, really. I love the dramatic changing of the seasons.
    I was so happy to see your package arrived and the coins proved valuable and inspiring...and delicious?
    See you at tea/coffee time!