Saturday, January 21, 2012

Drawing challenge/ Bundle

She knew she had to travel lighter.

Our travelling host this week is Rachel,
thank you sweetie and have a great time in New Orleans.
You can visit Rachel's blog to see more bundles.

Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!


  1. So true,
    dear Renilde!
    Its a wonderful watercolour.
    I like very much the balance of balloons to the heavy bundle. and the soft palette of colours. and her shoes!

    x Ariane.

  2. we all need to travel lighter, it is a good lesson, to "see" this.

    good job, renilde.

  3. what a heavy bundle she is carrying
    I do not envy her
    but love her balloons
    and her smile


  4. the bundle of baloons is a great idea. i wish i had one to push me forward...
    your colours devine : )

  5. this is a beautiful watercolor. and I wonder what's in her bag :)

  6. oh wow. this fills my ♥ with a bundle of joy, also in a way you wouldn't expect. a long, long time ago, a friend and i concocted a performance for la rue neuve, in brussels. we would walk the shopping street up and down, accompanied only by a gigantic shopping bag, dragging the street. another friend would film this. our youthful enthusiasm made us back off, i fear, but i'm still chuffed by the very idea. and here now, is you
    r girl, dragging said (similar) bag...
    thank you renilde, to materialize unexpectedly, a brazen dream....
    and the contrast between your soft, light balloons and that heavy load!
    i LOVE it!

  7. Dear Nadine, yes we are talking about the same thing here, the first sketch idea was just that; the weirdness of us human beings to love dragging lots of things to our nest, a kind of (animal) instinct perhaps, the need to possess; the more i have the more i am, the need to fill emptiness or absence.
    Than further it went.... to the experiences we take with us along our way some staying like heavy loads some transforming into light balloons giving us strenght and happiness.

    So Dorte there is a hint of what it might be ;)

    I'm sure you have lots of balloons Demie, i spotted some at your blog :)

    And yes Ariane i love drawing shoes,

    Thank you all for your comments xx

  8. great idea - wonderful painting, love the blue, green and turquoise!

  9. The bag is great, Renilde. Indeed, we are like that. My friend once got rid of all the things he didn't use in the last 6 months. There weren't that many things left at all. I think all we are trying to keep so hard as things are rather good memories or sentiments connected to them..