Monday, October 28, 2013


a storm is on its way, as long as nobody's hurt
that's just fine by me,
mighty wind, do i smell the ocean in you ?

have a nice week


  1. you live far from the ocean, Renilde?
    is nice to feel the smell of the sea in the wind, salt and iodine. I love it. but I live about 800 Kilometers from the sea : (
      not even the strongest wind, bring me the sea!!! :(
    have a nice week!!!!

    1. I live about 175 km from the north sea Roberto, and a thousand km from the atlantic, but this morning i could swear i smelled the ocean,
      sometimes a wild wind brings sahara dust to here, the sahara is much further away then the ocean, so i ask myself is it possible? ;) x

  2. we have storm too - my watering cans are flying objects!
    like your pictures!

  3. The wind hit me so very heavyhere in Hamburg, that I couldn't smell anything,
    dearest Renilde!
    I have to grab the lamppost not to fly away... what a howling gale!

    Hope you are fine, dear friend, and the storm keep away from your beautiful garden. Wonderful windy photos.

    Love xo Ariane.

  4. hope no storm damage in your neck of the woods.

    traveling elemental arrive to bless and thrill us, the sahara and oceans and winds...

    your garden is fetching...

    happy day to you.

  5. The wind has been travelling for it has been visiting here too. Last week we had gale warnings but nothing more than a few trees toppled and roof shingles sent flying. I hope you are safe and warm. Oh.... on windy days we can't smell the ocean but on sunny warm days it's a powerful oceanic scent. We're headed to the beach as soon as I wish you farewell. Farewell dear, Renilde. xo Carole

  6. hope you were ok :)
    I was stucked in cph airport for 4 hours while it was worst.