Saturday, October 12, 2013

dc homage

homage to all sister artists throughout the ages,
 those who worked in stolen hours, unappreciated, ignored, scorned,
 denied access to a male art world and who, despite everything continued to work
 because it was their way of life,
 because that was what they were ,
 artist in heart and soul.

this weeks drawing challenge theme was chosen by the always surprising artist Kristen,
please go to her lovely place to find out about all the participants


  1. beautiful words and art work :)

  2. Beautiful and a great way interpretation for this theme, I think you made the most important one! Thank you for your words, some of us still have to deal with this, some of my teachers in art school told me the most stupid things about woman and their work and also about my work. I love the painting you made, I true homage!

  3. Your homage to the female artist really and truly brought mist to my eyes, Renilde. The palettes covering their faces is touching. Years ago I signed my artwork usiing my last name only, so no one could judge my works as being "painted by a woman". Now I am proud to be a woman who signs her paintings with my first name just as boldly as my last. xo Carole

  4. so perfect! Renilde- and such a worthy homage too I do SAY!! It's really touching and empowering and so true!!! you've collected all the fragments of creativity from the female perspective brilliantly-
    Thank you!!!

  5. wow. stupefied. stunned.
    aches for a postcard version, so you can send round the very message you stick to it.
    your sensibility, you know? just grand, and i feel so moved by it.
    yes, the blue green too. oh, swell!

  6. wow....
    such a beautiful homage!
    you have said it all
    in words and paint

    thank you!
    Patrice A.

  7. Oh you're so right with this homage, this is one of the reasons I started with the "great women" posts, because there are so many wonderful women artists who can't be enough honored!
    wonderful artwork and very suitable.

  8. I agree with you!
    congratulations, you have chosen well, whom do your tribute!
    I really like the color you chose!

  9. thank you for this homage :-)) - you are so right! and your painting is great, the palette hats are beautiful and funny!
    ♥ mano

  10. oh I love it, the green is great! I love the atmosphere coming through this painting into my heart.
    (sorry my sun is ill, I don´t find the time to the post office until now)
    x Stefanie

    1. take care of your son my dear , he needs you the most,
      the waiting for something lovely on itself is a pleasure too ;) xx

  11. Reniled, your homage to these sisters of ours touches me deeply. The pallet shape like a bodice... very lovely. -sus