Sunday, October 20, 2013

dc pattern

i can hear them, their typical croaking associated with October.
 i look up and there they come, flying in their V pattern.
 another year has passed.
i have a kind of deja vu  because it seems as last year, or the year before...the same place, the same feeling.
the wild geese, they come from Russia and Scandinavia towards places close to spend the winter, to hibernate.
they take turns flying in front to make the long journey  a little easier.
 it fills me with warmth. 
the pattern of the seasons.
 a pattern inside.

this week our lovely artist Barbara made us take notice of  patterns ,
please visit her beautiful place .

nice weekend to all of you


  1. oh, i think this piece is wonderful
    my eyes love your choice of colors
    and so creative of you to choose the pattern of a birds flight
    plus all the patterns in this piece are a joy to see

  2. lovely painting Renilde
    every week i am looking forward to see
    what you have made
    i LOVE your dreamy storytelling world
    her beautiful dress, that wonderful goose

    thank you!

  3. Wow it's such a wonderful painting...great colors and pattern ♥ it

  4. the pattern of the seasons, that is most accurately put. i cherish those natural patterns, but i also am wildly, madly, deeply in love with your gal's coat. am loving it.

  5. Dear renilde, this painting of yours is my favorite so far. I really love the colors and pattern how the perfectly matching together building this floating dreamy image and I like that you stick to your pattern telling a wonderful story with your painting and the women which are a repetition in every art work (o.k. except of the animals though ;)
    Thank you very much for sharing and participating this week.
    xo Barbara Bee
    P.S. There went something wron with your link add - I fixed it this morning, so everything is fine, but for the next time... only copy your url of your site.

  6. yesterday we saw the first V's and the croaking of cranes - I love it so much! and your patterned goose is so lovely like the women and the background - patterns of the season, great!
    :-) mano

  7. You have touched such a similar feeling within my heart for the geese Renilde, who come every year to our beach in the autumn and it makes me feel that kind of longing and nostalgia like in your painting, the woman reaching ...

  8. pattern of the season - I always enjoy the words you share with your pictures and paintings. This is so beautiful... visiting your blog every time is like traveling into ... spaces (sorry I don´t find the right word)
    x Stefanie

  9. I love the colours, the patterns, the season, the painting! ..Michaela

  10. dear renilde,
    such a fairytelling picture! i love seeing the vs up in the sky, gives me a feeling of all is right with the world. I enjoy your words and the painting!

  11. Your patterns intermix with each other. The season reference is poetic and speaks to the heart in such a wonderful way!
    Thank you!

  12. what a beautiful description of pattern both with words and with art :)

  13. I love the way you see the world, Renilde. It would be interesting to look through your eyes! Love the colour and pattern in this painting. xo Carole

  14. I saw geese leaving, say hi to them from over here..and welcome back next year! I love your post, thank you, renilde! Leena

  15. (You will read "The man with ..." bla bla. but, it's me, roberto)

    ok. I I have only one thing to say: Renilde, you're the Queen of the Patterns :)))
    Every time I see one of your pictures, I'm admired by the color palette that you use, is unique! are "you colors"
    I love it!

  16. Saw first geese the day before yesterday! First heard their voices, then ran to my window and spotted a formation in the sky. Wonderful moments when you live in the city centre like me! And wonderful ist your drawing, too!

  17. this is really beautiful Renilde!
    i read this and thi nk of one of my favorite films...Winged Migration...made me think of it when i saw your piece.
    hope you are well!
    xo milady