Saturday, October 5, 2013

dc cup

when i found out this morning about the new dc theme,
presented by allround artist Stephanie
 (i didn't had time to visit any of your blogs the past week) this morning, i was sitting outside enjoying some  sun,
 other autumn delights, 
and a cup of coffee.
my thoughts wandered to Canada because of the gorgeous autumn colors there
(not that i ever saw it in the real), my mind wandered to bears (i saw them, but only in the zoo)
  and back to 'cup'.
i just painted my wandering thoughts , i tried out gouache on canvasboard.
the paint still wasn't dry when i took the photos, a drop of white paint ran down
at the top of the heads, i decided to leave it alone.

have a beautiful weekend


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    1. Oops, how did I do that?
      What is it about your paintings, Renilde, that make me want to climb inside them to get a closer look? I love that feeling, thanks!
      So come to Canada and I'll drive you through BC and we'll see lots of bears! Coffee's on me. xo Carole

  2. that is exactly what the fine line meant, trickle and bring more life!
    wandering thoughts are always well loved, coming from the heart.
    and from longing, a little.

  3. I'm in love with your womenbear, with the cup and jwith the line!!
    see us today at stefanies party ;-)!
    ♥ mano

  4. So nice your thoughts and painting about woman, bear and cups...♥it !

  5. oh my! i love this
    a bear woman have a nice cuppa
    really a wonderful piece
    thank you for sharing how it came to be

  6. I love this, the colours, the bear, everything, it is great! And I really like that picture with the table and the flowers, it all fits well together. And your new header is great!!!

  7. Beautifully inspired cup Renilde! and love hearing where it came from...far far away :) and yet so close to home :)

  8. Your bear is content. Relaxed. Safe. And with a spirit woman as his guide he is just perfectly enjoying his cuppa (her? cuppa.) And such a fine cup this bear has. My goodness!!! I like the running line as well. This line fits in quite nicely with the other lines of this composition. I like to hear about how the piece evolved also. About your thoughts leading to it. Boy oh boy do we have bears here. Tons. Quite a few come too close and eat human garbage and they get kind of an attitude like they are NOT scared of us. When they are no longer scared of us humans and when they just hang out around towns and housing areas, sadly most of the time they are shot and killed. Sometimes they are relocated if they are lucky. In B.C. up the coast, there is a natural phenomena the only of its kind, and that is the 'spirit' bear which is completely white although it is a black bear species. It's not a polar bear. It's also called the Kermode bear. The data is here:

    I love your painting Renilde. Norma, xo

  9. Renilde, this painting has stolen my heart. Bear has become a new love of mine lately. You have captured so well the gentle, generous nature of this animal. I think that is my heart in the cup being offered! xxoo, sus

  10. Dear Renilde, I am so happy you came to play with us, you know I love your style and your way of painting and of seeing the world. I love the story and the bear with woman inside... I sometimes feel a bear is holding me, sounds maybe strange, but your painting reminds me. And now I allow myself to tell you I feel you, thank you for your comment to my cup and doll!
    x Stefanie

  11. hello renilde,
    i love the cup-journey you take us with! and i love gouache ;)
    have a nice week, dania

  12. such a nice cup
    but than a saw the whole painting....
    i love this bear, comforting the woman inside
    i would love to have such a bear


    Patrice A.

  13. C'est " enlevé" c'est" frais" c'est "joyeux" c'est " poétique", bref, j'aime cette gouache et je te félicite pour cette création.


  14. wonderful wonderful wonderful!
    women within the bear is a spectacular image!
    and so well made that you do not see at first glance. it takes a while to "read" your picture.
    always a great pleasure to see your art.
    good weekend my friend!

  15. Gosh, this is so lovely! I had to look twice to see the woman inside the bear, so much did its look catch my eyes! And that lovely cup, nearly 3dimensional and transparent! Very touching artwork, Renilde.